‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Renewed: Who is Returning and Everything You Need to Know about Season 11

As you may have heard NCIS: Los Angeles has been renewed for another season! So, you can officially stop worrying.

The panic over the new season of NCIS: Los Angeles started with rumors that season 10 would be the show’s last.

But CBS was quick to deny those claims, as well as announce that NCIS: New Orleans would also be returning.

“Both shows have been key pillars to the CBS schedule for several years,” president of CBS Entertainment, Kelly Kahl, said in a statement. “They offer heroic stories, big stars and have attracted a passionate, loyal fan base. We’re excited to have [series stars] Chris [O’Donnell], LL [Cool J], Scott [Bakula] and these terrific casts back to bring more terrific NCIS stories to viewers in the U.S. and around the world.”

Who is returning for season 11?

So now that the show is returning, the next big question is who will be on it?

Rumors have been flying that Renee Felice Smith and Barrett Foa may be exiting the show because their characters Nell Jones and Eric Beale have been toying with the idea of moving to San Francisco.

Neither Smith or Foa commented on the show being renewed.

On the other hand, Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah who play Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye both posted on social media about how excited they were for the new season, so it’s safe to say that those two will be returning.

“I’m beyond excited to officially declare season 11 is ooooooon!” Ruah captioned a video on Instagram.

“NCIS LA Season 11 is officially picked up!” Olsen posted on his own Instagram.

When will the show air?

There has been no release date for the new season yet, but that doesn’t mean that we have no idea when the show will air. Traditionally, new seasons of NCIS air in mid-September.

How will this season end?

We can’t tell you how season 10 of NCIS: Los Angeles will end, but we can tell you one thing, there WILL be a JAG reunion.

JAG’s Catherine Bell will be finishing out the season with the rest of the cast in her role of Major Sarah MacKenzie.

“Catherine’s ‘Mac’ was a strong, smart woman who held her own, and then some, in a male-dominated world,” NCIS: Los Angeles executive producer/showrunner, R. Scott Gemmill, said in a statement.

“Her character paved the way for other strong female leads. Not only is it great to be working together again as friends, but to be able to write for Catherine and have her same character interact with our NCIS: Los Angeles characters now, that’s wonderfully surreal. It feels like everything has come full circle.”

Bell played the role of Mac from 1996 to 2005.

The official description for Bell’s episode is as follows.

“As the NCIS team tries to uncover a complicated network of ISIS sympathizers who look to be planning an attack on US aircraft carriers and possibly worse, Hetty (Linda Hunt) has to call in a favor to an old friend, Lieutenant Colonel Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie, to help get access to an elusive Russian diplomat.”

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