‘NCIS’: What Maria Bello’s Acting Teacher Said That Confirmed Joining the Cast Was a Good Decision

Maria Bello is known for playing the character Jack Sloane on “NCIS.” She joined the cast back in 2017. Here’s what her first acting teacher said that confirmed joining the “NCIS” cast was a good decision.   

Maria Bello turned down the role of Jack Sloane before accepting

Maria Bello |  VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images
Maria Bello | VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images

During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” Canada, host Morgan Hoffman asked Maria Bello if she ever thought she would work on a show like “NCIS.” Bello said she initially couldn’t see herself as part of the cast. At first, she rejected the role of Jaqueline Sloane. Here’s what she told ET Canada:

When NCIS was offered to me, I was with my son in the car. I immediately said, ‘no.’ I had never even watched it. I hadn’t watched procedurals, that sort of thing. And my son was in the car, and he goes, ‘Mom, why wouldn’t you do that show? That’s like a great show.’ And I started watching it, and I started hearing about it, and I started talking to people, and I went, ‘Yeah.’ And then when I met Mark Harmon and the producers Frank and George I was like, ‘What? Yes, I’m doing this.’

Mark Harmon likes the way Jack Sloane was introduced

Maria Bello and Mark Harmon on NCIS | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images
Maria Bello and Mark Harmon on NCIS | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Introducing a new character can be tough when it comes to a show that has been on television as long as “NCIS” has. Fans get attached to their favorites and it’s hard to let go. That’s why the producers and writers had to work together to make sure Bello had a smooth transition. Mark Harmon told CBS the team did a good job of incorporating Bello’s character into the show:

I think she brings something different here and I like the character. And I certainly like the way these guys have taken such care in introducing her and her coming to this and what her backstory is. I think they’ve taken their time with it, which I think over the years here we’ve learned is a better thing than trying to introduce everything all at once. I think she’s only helped the show.

Maria Bello says her first acting teacher’s words confirmed she made the right choice

Maria Bello as Jack Sloane on NCIS |  Erik Voake/CBS via Getty Images
Maria Bello as Jack Sloane on NCIS | Erik Voake/CBS via Getty Images

Bello told CBS she loves working on “NCIS.” She said being on the show reminds her of something her first acting teacher said to her. This comment instantly came to her mind after she joined the cast:

My first acting teacher said to me some things in parts in movies and TV and casts will fit like a glove. And I felt like from the first minute I came here it just fit like a glove. I have such an incredible time with every member of this cast, and we laugh, and we share, and we play. It’s like coming to work is playing, and who could wish for anything more than that?

There might be more surprises coming for Jack Sloane

“NCIS” Executive Producer Chas. Floyd Johnson told CBS Sloane has an air of mystery, and that’s what he likes about her. He says the writers and producers do a good job of making sure they don’t give too much away about her too soon:

She had that ability to hit the ground running. And I credit the creative producers and the writers for finding a way to make her mysterious. When she first came in, we really didn’t know what the background was, but there was something mysterious about her, which we saw in the very opening of the show. And slowly but surely through the season we’ve been peeling the layers and she’s just amazing in terms of what she’s done.

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