‘NCIS’: How Maria Bello Really Feels About Jack Sloane and Her Relationship with Gibbs

NCIS star Maria Bello has been playing the role of Jack Sloane since 2017. Here’s how she really feels about her character and her relationship with agent Gibbs.

Maria Bello says she’s excited about Jack Sloane’s character development

Mark Harmon and Maria Bello | Bill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images
Mark Harmon and Maria Bello | Bill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images

In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” host Kevin Frazier, the host asked Bello how she felt about where her character is going. “We’ve learned a lot about Jack Sloane’s character this year. Are you enjoying the way it’s developing and some of the interesting things that have happened?” asked Frazier. Bello said she enjoys learning more about Jack and her life.

Yes. I’m enjoying the process of discovering, like life. And I’m surprised every day when I come to work, what’s happening with Jack Sloane, what the movement is, in her psychology or the more things you learn about her. I didn’t know about my past and having a daughter until it came up, until I read it in the script, and it’s exciting. They kind of put in these little seeds and then see what blossoms and roll that into next season and see what comes out of that.

Maria Bello says there’s definitely sexual tension between Sloane and Gibbs

Mark Harmon and Maria Bello NCIS |  Bill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images
Mark Harmon and Maria Bello NCIS | Bill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images

During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight Canada,” Bello spoke about Sloane and Gibbs’ almost relationship. She says there’s definitely a bit of tension between the two characters. “I really love Gibbs and Sloane’s energy together. I think we have found something so fun over the last couple of years. You can tell they really deeply care about each other but they also want to bang each other? You know what I mean?” joked Bello. She then added that she was kidding (or was she?). “I’m kidding; I don’t know if it’s that… There’s definitely a tension there that people are picking up on that’s really nice, and we’re really good friends and care about each other—our characters anyway, you know?”

Maria Bello on working with Mark Harmon

Bello had nothing but good things to say about her co-star Mark Harmon. “It’s fun to play [this role] with Mark [Harmon]. We just have a ball working together,” said Bello. When “Entertainment Tonight Canada” host Morgan Hoffman asked Bello what exactly fans at home are seeing on camera, Bello said it’s the care that she and Harmon have for each other. “What you’re seeing on camera is very much of the real care that we have for each other. The real fun that we have together.” Hoffman said she felt that as soon as Sloane joined NCIS Gibbs met his match.

What will happen with Gibbs and Sloane?

Will Gibbs and Sloane ever become a couple? What’s next for them? Frazier asked the producers what’s in store for the potential couple. “How about that tension between Gibbs and Sloane? Could that ever move into a more interesting direction?” asked Frazier. Producer Frank Cardea said some fans already feel the two NCIS employees have already moved their relationship forward. “There are some fans who think that their relationship has moved to the next level already, after this year’s Christmas episode,” said Cardea. It seems like the cast and producers are remaining tight lipped on what will become of these two. Hopefully we’ll find some answers in the next couple of episodes.

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