‘NCIS’: Why We Think Gibbs Is Lying–And Is That a Bruise on His Face?

In a recent episode of “NCIS,” Gibbs is acting strange again. His behavior has become very secretive and he’s not acting like himself. Everyone on the team has noticed and they’re not quite sure what’s going on with their boss.

Gibbs told Vance he’s taking a few days off because it’s sturgeon season. However, he then tells Sloane he’s really taking time off to help Fornell. We don’t think either of those answers is the truth. Here’s why we think Gibbs is lying.

The NCIS team notices Gibbs’ strange behavior

Maria Bello and Mark Harmon on NCIS | Greg Gayne/CBS via Getty Images
Maria Bello and Mark Harmon on NCIS | Greg Gayne/CBS via Getty Images

During “NCIS” season 17, episode eight, titled “Musical Chairs,” Gibbs quickly leaves the building after getting a phone call. He leaves his badge, phone, and wallet behind. Ducky notes that Gibbs “never leaves,” so he was alarmed by his behavior. Before leaving, Gibbs left McGee in charge and simply said, “Find the killer,” on his way out.

This isn’t the first time Gibbs decided to take off. During season 16, Gibbs left a crime scene so he could meet his therapist at a bar. He was dealing will all types of feelings after revealing to his team that he killed Pedro Hernandez, the man who killed his family.

Gibbs says Fornell needs help, but we’re not buying it

Mark Harmon | Erik Voake/CBS via Getty Images
Mark Harmon | Erik Voake/CBS via Getty Images

The team wants to know where Gibbs is going, but he leaves before anyone can ask a question. Sloane later corners Gibbs in the elevator and asks him what is going on. We know Gibbs is about to tell a lie because he pauses for a long time before responding. It looks like he’s pausing to make up a quick story that Sloane will believe. Once Gibbs figures out what to say, his eyes dart back and forth. Gibbs is the master of eye contact, but he has trouble looking at Sloane when he tells her he’s helping Fornell and his daughter. Something is definitely not right here.

What we think Gibbs is really doing

Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images
Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

The last time Gibbs was this secretive, it had to do with his neighbor, Phineas. We think Gibbs is really helping Phineas or his mother with something important. (Perhaps Phineas’ father is back and causing trouble.) Even Torres thinks Gibbs is lying about what he’s really doing. If Gibbs was really helping Fornell and his daughter, wouldn’t he at least need his wallet? Bishop told Torres she thought it was strange that Gibbs didn’t bring his wallet with him. “I have a funny feeling this has nada to do with Emily Fornell,” said Torres. We have to agree with Torres.

Is that a bruise above Gibbs’ eye?

It seems like Gibbs might have been involved in a physical altercation. Once he returns to attend the Navy band’s performance, it looks like Gibbs has a bruise above his left eye. This wasn’t there in earlier scenes. Was Gibbs in a fight with someone while he was away? Who was he fighting with?  

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