‘NCIS’: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Will Have to Face the Consequences of Everything He Has Done for Ziva

We are officially halfway through season 17 of NCIS and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has already been through the wringer. Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) returning from the dead has forced Gibbs to do things way outside of his comfort zone, including taking down his own neighbor. When NCIS returns to CBS next week, Gibbs will be facing the full consequences of his actions.

NCIS Cote de Pablo Mark Harmon
‘NCIS’ stars Cote de Pablo (Ziva) and Mark Harmon (Gibbs) | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Is Gibbs close to a breakdown?

Season 17 of NCIS has been a wild one for Gibbs. In the fall finale, the team discovered that the real Sahar was actually Gibbs’ neighbor, Sarah (Louise Barnes). In order to keep Ziva safe, Gibbs made the decision to take Sarah out.

The choice was not easy. Gibbs had been mentoring Sarah’s son, Phineas, and had previously promised to keep his mom safe. Gibbs had to kill Sarah, but doing so also ruined Phineas’ life.

To make things even more complicated, Gibbs recently dealt with a situation between Fornell and his child. In that storyline, we learned that Gibbs was keeping a big secret about the time he killed Pedro Hernandez in revenge.

Considering everything Gibbs has gone through in the past two seasons, there is a strong chance that he is closer to a mental breakdown than ever before. And that is saying a lot given how Gibbs was hallucinating at the end of season 16.

‘NCIS’ producer talks about Gibbs’ journey

We hope Gibbs can keep it together in light of Sarah’s death. But in a recent interview, NCIS producer Steven D. Binder teased that Gibbs is closer to a breaking point than most fans might think.

“I would say in that regard, this is a general statement about humanity and specific to Gibbs, there’s only so much one man can take. Like you said, he’s taken a lot. He’s getting close to redlining. What that looks like, tune in,” Binder shared.

In the upcoming episode of NCIS, Gibbs will be facing the consequences of his actions. According to Cinema Blend, this includes finding Phineas and telling him about his mother’s death.

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That conversation will not be an easy one to watch. Phineas will no doubt react strongly to what happened, especially when he finds out that Gibbs was the one who pulled the trigger.

NCIS has released several photos from the upcoming installment, including a shot of Ziva with the rest of the team. Gibbs is also included in the pic, though he clearly looks distracted while everyone else is focusing on the task at hand.

Will Gibbs pull through?

In past seasons, Gibbs has done an incredible job pushing his emotions aside and moving on. When NCIS returns, we could see Gibbs go back to his usual self, and it would not be a big shocker if he finds a way to move on.

After all, we still have half a season to go, so it is unlikely that Gibbs will take himself out of the game at this point.

That said, NCIS has a reputation for throwing in surprising twists, so there is always a chance that Gibbs takes some time for himself to cope with everything that has happened.

The good news is that the team is always supportive of its fellow members. If Gibbs decides to take a break from the action, we are confident that Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), Bishop (Emily Wickersham), and McGee (Sean Murray) will be able to fill his shoes.

What’s next for Ziva?

Now that Sahar is out of the picture, Ziva should be clear to reunite with Tony (Michael Weatherly) and her daughter Tali. NCIS fans have been waiting for a Ziva and Tony reunion ever since she returned, but what are the chances that will happen in the next episode?

In a recent interview, Binder and his fellow NCIS producer Frank Cardea were asked about the highly anticipated reunion. The two did not confirm that Tony will be back this season, but they did assure fans that the topic will be addressed.

“We’re going to get into some of that [in the January 7 episode],” Cardea explained.

Binder noted that there is a lot to unpack when it comes to Ziva reuniting with Tony, so it might not happen in a single episode. If the two do not get back together this season, hopefully, the show brings Ziva back next season in a larger capacity.

NCIS returns to CBS on January 7.