‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Scott Bakula Reveals the 1 Thing He Won’t Do On Set

Scott Bakula is no stranger to the TV scene. His role as Dwayne “King” Pride on NCIS: New Orleans proves the guy can do anything. With so many projects under his belt, you’d think he’d have it all in the bag. However, there’s one thing the former Quantum Leap star refuses to do on the NOLA set or any other.

Scott Bakula and Dwayne Pride are similar guys

'NCIS: New Orleans'
Dylan Kenin as Willard Kurt and Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Pride | Skip Bolen/CBS via Getty Images

On the surface, you might not notice the similarities between Bakula, a former stage actor from the midwest, and NCIS agent Pride. If you dig a little deeper, the two are more alike than any other actor is with their respective character.

Bakula explained it best. In a previous interview with Stuff, he compared Pride’s “on-the-surface passion and joy” when “confronted with problems,” to his own “appreciation of people.”

Bakula went on to say that while Pride doesn’t always carry the appearance of joy, he, too, is appreciative of the people in his life. He shows it through food, music, and spending time together — much in the way Bakula might.

Pride, who is based on the real-life NCIS agent, D’Wayne Swear, has become a trusted source of refuge. Everyone who knows the agent understands there’s little he won’t’ do in the name of justice, and it all comes from a good place of genuine love and concern.

We’d be remiss not to assume Bakula may have a touch of those qualities, too. Otherwise, the show would’ve cast another actor to fill [the late] Swear’s incredibly big shoes.

Bakula had other successful projects before ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

Having so many projects under his belt, Bakula knows when he has a good thing going. Of course, he’s known for his four-year stint as Sam Beckett on the time-traveling hit, Quantum Leap. The show ran from 1989-1993 and garnered 97 episodes before going off the air.

In 2001, Bakula traded his time traveling space adventure when he placed Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise. The show ended in 2005 with 98 episodes accounted for.

Though Bakula’s IMDb page is full of notable projects, the actor has a good reason for being a little superstitious when it comes to NCIS: New Orleans. In fact, there’s something he refused to do in hopes of keeping the show going a few more seasons.

What’s the 1 thing Bakula won’t do on set?

Seeing as two of Bakula’s most successful projects — Star Trek: Enterprise and Quantum Leap — ended just before each hit their 100-episode mark, Bakula made a decision as the NCIS: New Orleans 100-episode mark neared.

As the cast began filming the series’ 100th episode, Bakula refused to celebrate until everything wrapped.

“It was blowing up through the Gulf,” Bakula previously told TV Line. “I kept saying, ‘This is going to destroy the 100th episode, and we’re going to have to relocate.’ We shouldn’t have been talking about it!”

Luckily, the storm didn’t interfere with the show and the 100th episode came and went without missing a beat. Maybe it’s all thanks to Mother Nature for giving Bakula a break, or maybe it was his gut instinct to never count his chickens before they’ve hatched for this show or any other.

Either way, NCIS: New Orleans is well over its 100-episode mark with no signs of slowing down.