‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Season 6 Will Move the Show to a New Location

Despite the NCIS franchise having a major renaissance this season thanks to the return of Ziva (Cote de Pablo), let’s not forget about the two spinoffs — NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans — that are still going strong. NCIS: New Orleans is arguably the most popular of those with Season 6 just beginning.

As cliched as those city titled procedural shows are, it doesn’t always mean they’re boxed into staying there. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to stay in one city in a cop show when you can only have so many crimes in one place. This year, NCIS: New Orleans is going to have one case taking place in NYC, perhaps giving it as much fresh air as its main counterpart.

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ will explore more community-based cases for the future

Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Pride and Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy on 'NCIS: New Orleans.'
L-R: Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Pride and Vanessa Ferlito as Tammy Gregorio on NCIS: New Orleans. | Skip Bolen/CBS via Getty Images

Those of you who’ve kept up with NCIS: New Orleans know last year dealt with some major crime, namely a massive spy network called Apollyon. While all of that was endemic to The Big Easy, the show wants to move into more community-based crime this year, according to official reports.

There’s a lot of stories to tell by moving out and beyond the confines of the city. Having Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) going to a bigger city will also provide a more significant acting opportunity for Bakula, who has been well-admired on television for several decades now.

Entertainment Weekly recently posted some pics on the set of this new story taking place in the Big Apple. We have to admit it’s different seeing Dwayne Pride interacting in the streets of Manhattan for a change.

It almost makes us wonder if the audience reaction to this will bring about a jump to New York, or at least occasional forays to big cities to keep things interesting.

What do we know about the new season of ‘NCIS: New Orleans’?

The connection to New York City involves Dwayne Pride’s daughter, Laurel, who lives there. While there isn’t extensive detail about what the plot involves, EW says Dwayne has to cut a vacation short because he finds out Hannah has broken protocol during an investigation and becomes suspended. In NYC, he ultimately takes on a 20-year-old cold case with new DNA evidence.

How this ties in with Dwayne’s daughter is unknown, but the new images show him running around many iconic NYC locations. This makes us wonder if the show might have collided with other NYC-based shows like Law & Order: SVU, not including additional shows filming in the area.

No wonder the show hasn’t gone there permanently due to so many shows basing their filming operations there. Not that an SVU/NCIS crossover wouldn’t be fun to see if ultimately forbidden due to being on two different networks.

Is visiting other cities going to become the true future of the NCIS franchise? If there’s ever another spinoff involving Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony (Michael Weatherly), the NCIS franchise could ultimately become a global operation rather than basing in one particular city or area code.

Ziva might have been the offhanded key to moving outside the confines of a city

With the return of Ziva on the original edition of NCIS, we’ve probably seen the beginning of a more international feel to the series after mostly being based in Washington, D.C. all these years.

For a greater sense of our country and the world, the entire NCIS franchise may soon branch out on a global level, including plots taking place in other major U.S. cities. In the small chance that there is a Ziva-Tony spinoff, we have to expect it would connect often with Dwayne and his team in New Orleans, plus the outfit in Los Angeles.

Having these sharp crime fighters taking down bigger crime rings would make for some renewed excitement in this franchise again after a number of years of coasting.