‘NCIS’ Season 18: Is Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs Going to Suffer Another Tragic Loss?

The Naval Criminal Investigative Services has been the inspiration behind the hit-series NCIS since it first premiered in 2003. The CBS network show is one of the longest-running television shows on the air.

The beloved characters and cast have been delivering drama-filled storylines for the past 18 seasons. Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, and David McCallum are just a few of the talented actors who have been with NCIS since the very beginning.

With that being said, the audience and viewers have experienced their fair share of twists & turns as well as triumphs and heartbreaks. Unfortunately, recent news has led viewers to believe that Agent Gibbs is in store for another gut-wrenching loss this upcoming season.

Take a look at what everyone has been talking about when it comes to the new season of NCIS

Maria Bello’s journey on ‘NCIS’ 

Maria Bello and Mark Harmon
Maria Bello and Mark Harmon | Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

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Maria Bello was cast as Jacqueline Sloane in the action police procedural drama. On NCIS, Bello plays a forensic psychologist who works closely with Agent Gibbs and his team. 

Bello initially joined the cast in 2017 for season 15, and her character became an instant hit. Fans immediately loved Sloane for her candid nature and charming personality.

Over the past three seasons, one of Bello’s most compelling storylines had to do with her daughter that she had given up at birth. However, most of the fans and viewers of NCIS found themselves getting caught up in the potential romantic connection between Sloane and Agent Gibbs.

Unfortunately, now none of that seems likely. 

What do fans and viewers of ‘NCIS’ believe will happen to Maria Bello’s character? 

Over the summer word broke that Bello would in fact not be returning to NCIS as a main character. For many people, this announcement may have not come as a surprise considering Bello’s contract with NCIS was only intended to last for three years. In other words, her departure is perfect timing.

However, many fans and viewers are still upset and feel like there is unfinished business between Sloane and Gibbs. Unfortunately, fans and viewers have taken to social media to express their fears and concerns for how Sloane’s storyline will be brought to an end. Many people are speculating that it will not be a happy ending for Bello. 

Why would a fatal exit for Maria Bello’s character be considered another tragic blow to the main character Agent Gibbs? 

On NCIS, Gibbs is known for his complex personality and nature. Earlier in his life, Gibbs lost his wife and daughter as a result of a work manner gone bad. Caitlin Todd was the young agent Gibbs took under his wing in the earlier seasons until she was unexpectedly murdered.

Agent Ziva David is another female character who worked closely with Gibbs and was presumed dead for an extended amount of time. Gibbs’s character has experienced a tremendous amount of loss, and fans and viewers of NCIS are wondering if Bello’s exit will just be one more in the mix. 

Of course, fans and viewers of NCIS would like to hope for the best, but historically speaking, the female characters on the series have a reputation for complicated and tragic exits. Over the past three seasons, the viewers have been able to pick up on the romantic connection between Gibbs and Sloane.

Sadly though, nothing of substance has actually taken place. The announcement revealing that Bello would not be permanently returning to the series crushed the hopes and dreams of many fans, however, there is a small chance that Gibbs and Sloane will still be able to their intimate connection through. Bello has committed to 8 episodes of the upcoming season as means of allowing the series to bring her arc to an end.