‘NCIS’ Star Michael Weatherly Plays Coy When Asked About A Season 17 Reunion Between Ziva And Tony

Cote de Pablo’s surprise appearance as Ziva David in the Season 16 finale of NCIS has sparked a lot of speculation about a reunion between her character and Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo. Ziva and Tony were romantically involved until their respective departures in Season 11 and Season 13. NCIS has been tight-lipped about what’s ahead for Ziva in Season 17, though a recent video featuring Weatherly could mean that a reunion is on the way.

'NCIS' stars Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly
‘NCIS’ stars Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly | Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Weatherly plays coy about Ziva reunion

Weatherly, who is currently starring on Bull, recently appeared in a video on social media discussing Ziva’s storyline on NCIS. The actor asked a fan if they were planning on watching Ziva return in the Season 17 premiere.

The NCIS fan then asked Michael Weatherly if he was going to reunite with de Pablo on the show, to which he joked that he couldn’t talk about it. The clip ends before we hear anything more from Weatherly, but his playful response could mean that a reunion is in the works.

Weatherly, of course, has not confirmed his involvement in the upcoming season of NCIS. There has also been little evidence to suggest that Ziva and Tony will reunite next season, though it is hard to believe that Ziva would return without Tony making some kind of cameo as well. After all, we also had no evidence that de Pablo was returning but she did in the Season 16 finale. Weatherly’s recent video is not confirmation that he is coming back to NCIS, but the fact that he did not deny it is promising.

Will Michael Weatherly return to ‘NCIS’?

According to Carter Matt, one of the biggest hurdles stopping Weatherly from returning is his busy schedule. The actor originally left NCIS to star on his own show on CBS, which currently takes up the bulk of his time. To make things even worse, Weatherly’s show films during the same time of the year as NCIS.

Bull and NCIS are also shot on opposite ends of the country, which would make navigating around scheduling conflicts difficult. There is little doubt that Weatherly would make it work if he wanted to return, but it definitely won’t be an easy task.

The one positive thing is that NCIS does not have to bring Tony back in a major capacity. While a lot of fans would love to see the pair reunite, Ziva could easily take the bulk of the spotlight with Tony only appearing in a few scenes. This would be more feasible to pull off given Weatherly’s schedule and give fans plenty of Ziva time.

That said, there is no guarantee that Ziva will be sticking around for any length of time, other than the premiere. It is possible that Ziva plays a smaller role in the upcoming season. Only time will tell what producers have in mind, but it is definitely exciting.

Ziva to replace Gibbs on ‘NCIS’?

Aside from reuniting with Tony, there is a far-fetched fan theory about how Ziva is going to replace Gibbs (Mark Harmon) at the head of the NCIS table. Everyone thought Ziva was dead prior to her appearance last season, so her return sparked a lot of questions about her storyline. The only thing we know for sure is that Gibbs is in some kind of danger.

In the Season 16 finale of NCIS, Ziva appeared at Gibbs’s home to warn him about a threat. We have no idea what the threat is about, but the Season 17 premiere is expected to address those questions right off the bat.

Some NCIS fans believe that after the threat is neutralized, Ziva will replace Gibbs as the leader of the NCIS team. The theory does not have any concrete evidence to support its claims, but it does argue that Harmon’s age is a hindrance to the future of the series. With that in mind, the theory argues that the show will use de Pablo to win over a younger audience while giving Harmon a chance to retire.

Season 17 of NCIS is scheduled to premiere September 24 on CBS.