‘NCIS’ Star Michael Weatherly Says His Life Is Less ‘Out of Control’

Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly is best known for his role as Tony DiNozzo on the hit CBS drama. Here’s what he once said about his career and how his life is less “out of control” than it used to be.

Michael Weatherly struggled during the early years of his career

Michael Weatherly in 2016 | VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images
Michael Weatherly in 2016 | VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images

During a 2016 interview with Kelly Ripa, Weatherly spoke about the rough patch he went through before he got his big break as an actor. He shared a small New York City apartment with two other roommates. Weatherly says he was embarrassed to have people visit his apartment because of his unusual living situation.

I lived in an apartment in Chelsea. I had two roommates; they each had bedrooms. And I slept in the storage closet under the stairs. And I ran an extension cord in there and had a lamp and a little children’s mattress. That was the only thing I could fit in there. And so, I started dating a girl rather seriously and she kept saying ‘You never take me to your apartment.’ It was a little embarrassing.

Michael Weatherly, Live! With Kelly

Michael Weatherly earned money by playing guitar on NYC subway platforms

Michael Weatherly in 2016 | Brad Barket/Getty Images
Michael Weatherly in 2016 | Brad Barket/Getty Images

Making matters worse, Weatherly experienced a job loss. Early in his career, he struggled to make ends meet. One way he tried to earn money by playing the guitar for money on New York City subway platforms and working in food services. Weatherly told Ripa he worked at the restaurant TGI Friday’s as a host. However, he didn’t last long at this job. “After the stint as a subway singer, you got fired. You used to host TGIF, right?” asked Ripa.

Weatherly confirmed he did work there but that he was really bad at his job. “I was terrible at my job to the point where they were trying to help me. You fire someone if they’re instantly bad at something, but they thought, ‘Let’s bring him along, let’s show him.’ If it weren’t for acting, I would really be wandering around,” said Weatherly.

Michael Weatherly says his life is more ‘in control’ now

During an interview with Watch! magazine, Weatherly talks about his career, family, and work on NCIS. He says he tries to remain present and not focus too much on the past or the future. This is how he maintains balance and stays happy. Weatherly says he’s grateful for the fact that his life is no longer as “out of control” like it used to be.

“As far as the future is concerned, the one thing about being happy that I have found is that you have to live in the present,” said Weatherly. “I never think of the future or the past too much. To be present makes me much happier. I keep my ambition local; I love having my family around. I love my little triumphs at work, and in general, my life’s not nearly as out of control as it once was. I’m mellowing in my old age.”

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