‘NCIS’: The Weird Way Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly First Met

There really hasn’t been any other TV romance that brought as much magic and audience chatter than the one between Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo on NCIS. Played by the talented Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly, respectively, the two obviously had rare lightning in a bottle TV chemistry.

It’s been six years since they were last seen together on the show, however. Fans are already impatient about whether they’ll reunite on the upcoming 17th season. We already know Ziva will be back, but will Weatherly make an appearance again as DiNozzo?

While we ponder this, you might want to go back in time and see how the two actors first met during the show’s auditions. You’ll see how acting chemistry is made.

Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo clearly get along, based on interviews

Cote de Pablo
Cote de Pablo | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

We found an old Entertainment Tonight video from a decade ago when Weatherly and de Pablo interviewed each other on the show’s set. From the first few seconds, you can see how much they respected one another, not including perfect chemistry as themselves as much as their characters.

Each took turns to ask one another questions, including what they thought of one another during their auditions for NCIS. There was a little edginess with their answers, albeit with all good intentions.

De Pablo initially didn’t think much of Weatherly since she thought he was trying to sabotage her audition. She also was a bit suspect when he took her hand and said she reminded him of Salma Hayek.

Of course, with the recent sexual harassment claims against Weatherly on Bull, this answer might make some people’s skin crawl. Not that de Pablo ever reported any similar behavior with Weatherly.

What did Michael Weatherly originally think of Cote de Pablo?

According to Weatherly then, he thought de Pablo was very demure and professional. His comments were much more courteous compared to de Pablo’s initial impressions.

Maybe you can deem this one of the weirdest auditions ever done, especially in how they clicked after the audition was over. Weatherly said he drove de Pablo home afterward, and it was only then when they formed a stronger bond.

Some might think this hinted at an affair brewing, though they’ve never been linked romantically. Their close friendship ultimately made their charming chemistry possible in creating one of TV’s greatest fictional love affairs.

Whether the two still think this way about one another is up in the air. Many don’t know if they’ll even be reuniting together this coming season. It almost seems inevitable they will.

Seeing the two work together again will be fun for fans

There is evidence de Pablo and Weatherly are still close since departing NCIS in 2013, particularly in producing an upcoming CBS cop show together. Even so, their NCIS storylines had a lot of loose ends fans desperately want to be tied up during the 17th season.

You can imagine what the effusive response is going to be from fans should Ziva and Tony reunite. Expect a very emotional reunion since it’s been a long six years.

If they are seen together again, the ratings will likely go through the roof, possibly leading to a spinoff if the demand is huge enough. As a result, we might be lucky enough to see them act together and do more interviews.

Based on the above ET piece from ten years ago, there isn’t a doubt how hilarious they are when conversing with one another. Electric chemistry like this is rare enough not to be continuously celebrated as much as possible before it’s too late.