‘NCIS’: This Is the Last Thing Season 17 Needs According to Fans

We all know romances on TV shows are the lifeblood of keeping people tuned in long-term. Whether it’s in a cop show, or a sitcom, the sexual tension that’s permeated many a fictional TV romance has arguably contributed to half of the ratings those shows received.

Generating the right chemistry isn’t something you can create out of nothing, though. When NCIS managed to link Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo with newcomer Cote de Pablo (as Ziva David), they knew they’d captured something rare.

This might be reignited if Ziva and Tony reunite at the beginning of the 17th season. What fans don’t want is the show’s attention on another brewing romance between special agents Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham).

Fans are already speaking out against this on Reddit.

Is ‘NCIS’ trying to create a forced romance subplot?

Wilmer Valderrama and Emily Wickersham on NCIS. | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images)

One of the most lethal things a show can do is create a romance that doesn’t make sense organically. This also includes a couple finally acting on the romance by sleeping one another and ruining all the tension.

The Ziva-Tony romance was one able to do both with aplomb thanks to the magic chemistry of de Pablo and Weatherly. They were able to really play out a romance very believably thanks to both having real respect for one another, not including seemingly real passion.

Having both of them finally link up romantically, off-camera, and Tony later discovering Ziva had a child (Tali) was still a compelling turn, keeping audiences riveted.

In the intervening years since de Pablo and Weatherly left, the show has had to nurture a replacement romance not nearly as interesting. All the flirting between special agents and Torres and Bishop in recent seasons hasn’t gone over well with every viewer.

What fans say about the Torres-Bishop relationship


Leave it up to Reddit to bring out complete honesty about pop culture. Recently, someone posted a question asking for Season 17 theories. Leading the discussion was the hope Tony had already been in contact with Ziva somewhere along the line since 2013.

Many fans piped in saying they hope Weatherly makes an appearance, even if everyone is staying mum about it if he does. Expectations for this are at fever pitch, but fans say they hope the show doesn’t play up the Torres-Bishop romance any longer.

Based on a comment from one fan who thought this romance would just nurture a contrived formula for NCIS, we can only hope the show won’t go there if Ziva and Tony’s story is done. If the show has any sense of what fans want, they’ll put this more forced romance on the backburner in favor of Ziva and Tony reuniting and becoming a major part of the show again.

The actors asking for too much money may quash a renewed team-up

With Weatherly already successful on Bull and becoming a TV producer besides, having him return on a steady basis to NCIS might simply cost the show more than they’re willing to pay. De Pablo might have asked for a bit of a raise herself just to have her back for maybe a few episodes.

We’re not alone in thinking that if Weatherly and de Pablo reunite on the show, it could lead to a renewed tidal wave of popularity for NCIS, not including a spinoff for their characters.

Why waste chemistry like this when it’s so rare to find it again anytime soon? Should the writers continue to think they can manufacture a romance with the Torres and Bishop characters, they’ll realize fans are smarter than they think.

You might find a few people who think the Torres and Bishop affair is harmless fun. For most of us, we’re glad to see others realize complex TV romances are what makes TV the new movie theater.