‘NCIS’: Why Ziva Returning to the Show Would Be Great in the Long Run

The women characters on NCIS have long been an important component to the show, though some of them left without detailed explanations. A good example of this is Sasha Alexander (who played Kate Todd) for NCIS’ first two seasons. She left the show abruptly but was quickly replaced by Cote de Pablo as Ziva David.

While de Pablo stayed with the show starting with season 3, she also left in season 13 with a lot of speculation as to why. It’s made some people wonder what the atmosphere is really like for the show’s women. Despite Pauley Perrette recently leaving on good terms, de Pablo could technically return soon.

Here’s a quick look at why bringing Ziva back could benefit TV drama as we know it.

Indications were Cote de Pablo didn’t think Ziva received enough respect

Cote de Pablo
Cote de Pablo | Vera Anderson/WireImage

If you have to find a reason for de Pablo leaving the show, it was reportedly because she thought Ziva wasn’t written with the respect she deserved. An argument could be made Ziva was taken too much for granted for too many years. In a show that sometimes gives the upper hand to the male cast members, she was maybe right.

This didn’t necessarily mean she left on bad terms. You have to consider after eight years, the writers might have just become too complacent on showing the value of Ziva to the NCIS team.

Since then, it seems she’s been convinced the writers would find a way to respect her character if brought back. What’s problematic about this is Ziva was supposed to have died, yet we found out this last season she was alive after all.

Reversals of death are sometimes confusing for viewers. Then again, Ziva coming back would be a major coup for a stronger woman character we’re seeing more of lately on TV.

Will Cote de Pablo help change the writing on ‘NCIS’?

With women starting to make inroads into overhauling TV for the better, it’s possible de Pablo managed to wrangle a deal with the producers of NCIS to make her character more interesting.

One of the executive producers is Mark Harmon, himself, perhaps proving he wants to create something for everyone rather than just making it a standard TV show for alpha males.

Even though an argument can be made de Pablo hasn’t found acting success elsewhere, it doesn’t make a potential return of Ziva some kind of desperate career move. What it really means is that the producers possibly listened to a woman’s point of view and may potentially bring a stronger character as a result.

What Ziva may be like if she returns is potentially a powerhouse.

The Ziva character could potentially supersede the other characters

Since we now know Ziva faked her death and has seemingly been going undercover for the last six years, the aftermath of this could make NCIS a truly reinvented show.

We all agree the series may need a kick in the pants after 16 years. No one wants to see the show jump the shark, though, which is always tricky with a character being “brought back to life.” Similar plot devices have worked well for comedies and animated shows. In a drama taking from the headlines, it can be like walking a tightrope.

There still isn’t any official confirmation of de Pablo coming back, outside of all the marketing hints, including during the Super Bowl. There’s always the possibility she’ll just do a cameo rather than become a regular again.

All indications show she’ll be back in some form at the end of this season or next. Outside of maybe being a victim of typecasting, having de Pablo return to reinvent NCIS could end up being one of the greatest acting strategies ever attempted.