‘NCIS’: Will Michael Weatherly Join Cote de Pablo in Season 17?

The television drama NCIS has consistently been one of the most popular shows on CBS for the past decade. Revolving around a team of special agents with the Naval Criminal Investigative Services, the show combines human drama with excitement, action, and humor, in a way that had never been done before on a police drama.

Recently, the show rocked the airwaves when an all-time favorite character made a surprise return on the Season 16 finale – which has led fans to wonder if another specific character could end up returning.

Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo | Jace Downs/CBS via Getty Images

Is Ziva returning to ‘NCIS’ in season seventeen?

When Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo, appeared in Agent Gibbs’ staircase during the finale episode of season sixteen, fans were shocked and thrilled. The actress, who starred as one of the lead characters of the series for years, left NCIS in season thirteen, devastating viewers. While de Pablo had raved about how much she loved the character and the show, she later revealed that she wasn’t happy with the storyline that had been created for Ziva. 

Ever since she left the show, fans have been speculating about a possible return. Rumors were confirmed during the season sixteen finale, and producers have revealed that Ziva will be back in season seventeen, and will have a key role in events to come.

The character’s surprise return was the television event of the year and reportedly even the rest of the NCIS cast was shocked at the way that Ziva was brought back into the fold. Although producers haven’t said much about how much screen time Ziva will have in the new season, which is set to premiere in the fall.

A major part of Ziva’s storyline in earlier seasons was her relationship with Tony DiNozzo – and viewers have started to speculate about whether or not Ziva’s return could signal the return of DiNozzo as well.

Will Michael Weatherly come back to ‘NCIS’?

For many years, Michael Weatherly portrayed Tony DiNozzo, one of the lead characters on NCIS. DiNozzo and Ziva’s flirtatious encounters provided a romantic twist to many of the more intense episodes of the show, and fans loved the way that they interacted.

Sadly, Weatherly left NCIS in Season 13, around the same time as Cote de Pablo. Although Weatherly has enjoyed a successful career since leaving the show, and even starred in his very own series, fans have been clamoring for his return to the show that made him a star.

Although he has deleted all of his social media accounts (following some controversy over sexual harassment) Weatherly has spoken out in the past and said that he would be open to playing DiNozzo again. Whether or not DiNozzo could work into the new storyline involving Ziva in season seventeen remains to be seen, but it definitely seems as though fans would welcome seeing the two characters together again.

What do fans say about the characters coming back?

Understandably, fan reaction to Ziva’s return was off the charts. Overwhelmingly, viewers started asking what Michael Weatherly’s reaction to the exciting moment would be, but he has remained quiet since the big finale. Fans are waiting and watching to see if the actor could activate his social media accounts again – doing so could signify that he has a big announcement to share.

Of course, it is also quite likely that the character shows up in season seventeen and surprise everyone. Given the NCIS showrunners’ penchant for showstopping entrances, they could wait to re-introduce the character until some pivotal moment in the show. Stay tuned for all the latest NCIS updates as the new season draws closer!