Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Danced to This Kelly Clarkson Song at Their Wedding

A-List entertainer Neil Patrick Harris graced The Kelly Clarkson Show via video chat. During his interview, Harris dished details about work and home life. The star also reminisced about how he and his husband, chef and actor David Burtka, chose a particular Kelly Clarkson song for the first dance at their wedding.

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris
David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris | Bruce Glikas/WireImage

‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ welcomed Neil Patrick Harris

The Kelly Clarkson Show gave Harris a warm welcome. “He is an actor, producer, author, singer, and the rare quintuple threat, also a magician,” show host Kelly Clarkson teed up the interview.

Harris popped by the show to promote “The Magic Misfits: The Fourth Suit.” The story will wrap up the popular children’s book series with what promises to be a magical ending.

The Kelly Clarkson Show’s live virtual audience applauded as Harris made a dynamic entrance with his magician’s magnifying glass obscuring his face and amplifying one eye. Clarkson remarked, “I gotta be honest with you. I’m 38-years-old, and I still get a kick out of a magnifying glass.”

Neil Patrick Harris revealed the special significance of a classic Kelly Clarkson song

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During her chat with Harris, Clarkson remarked that she had just celebrated the 18th anniversary of her stint on American Idol Season 1. After trouncing the competition on the FOX reality show and winning a recording contract, the singer released the ballad, “A Moment Like This.”

Since then, the beloved artist has remained a fixture in the entertainment industry. And while “A Moment Like This” has special significance for Clarkson, it has a different meaning for Harris.

“That was our first dance song,” beamed Harris about his wedding to David Burtka. “That was our song, Kelly Clarkson. We don’t have many people in our lives that we talk like 13-year-old schoolgirls about. And you are one of them.”

The star explained why he and David Burtka chose ‘A Moment Like This’ as their wedding song

Harris led The Kelly Clarkson Show’s audience down memory lane, saying, “[David and I] met during, I think, season 2 of American Idol when it was still this giant juggernaut. And I think that your song was playing a lot and we still connected with it. And so, we were falling in love at that same time and the lyrics to that song always kinda stayed with us. And we always said, if we ever got married, that would be a great first dance song. Especially with two guys.”

With an ear-to-ear smile, Harris quoted a line from the song, gushing, “Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. Some people search forever for that one special kiss.”

As Clarkson smiled, Harris shared, “It was so perfect. And our parents were there, and we got to dance with them to your voice.”

The talk show host appeared to get a real kick out of the feel-good moment Harris brought to her program. She commented, “Oh my God. I love your smile. You’re, like, reliving it.”

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