Nelly Doesn’t Understand Why Fans Are Freaking Out About the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Remember when Colin Kaepernick took a knee and opted not to stand for the national anthem before a big preseason game? The subtle action was seen and heard around the globe. It was such a substantial move on the quarterback’s part that it is still yielding interesting results to this day.

Recap: Why did Kaepernick take a knee?

The controversial quarterback opted out of the traditional stance for the national anthem due to oppression. As for as he was concerned there was no point in showing pride for a country that still actively practices and supports racism against people of color. Of course, the NFL bigwigs hated the action, both the ideology and the physicality rubbed them the wrong way.

Since then the results of Kaepernick’s brave protest can be seen everywhere. Other players have shown support by taking a knee or resting a hand on their teammates in solidarity. Even big Hollywood names have backed him, not just through their words but through turning down hefty paychecks from the NFL.

What’s the big deal about the halftime show?

There have been many celebrities invited to do the halftime show over the years. It boosts viewership, excites fans, and simply makes the NFL look good. At one time, being chosen for the halftime show was an honor. The show is usually an insane performance with all the bells and whistles. It’s a chance to dream big and put it all out there, so celebs typically jump at the opportunity.

Some of the most memorable halftime shows have been from people of color, Beyoncé, the Black-Eyed Peas, even Prince. The NFL definitely capitalizes on the success of black performers, but that’s the problem. If you’re okay with booking people of color for your shows, how can you be okay with oppressing their brothers and sisters?

Many celebs won’t do halftime shows in support of Kaepernick

After Kaepernick took a knee and the opinion of the NFL bigwigs became apparent, a shift occurred in Hollywood. The NFL began having trouble casting singers, especially singers of color, for the show. This is a big deal for the upcoming game considering it’s being played in a place where black artists would truly shine.

Rihanna, the constantly controversial Cardi B, Andre 3000, Jay-Z, and smooth oldie but goodie Usher have all reportedly turned down the chance. That’s not even the entire list. Other names have been thrown in the mix; Cardi’s nemesis Nicki Minaj, soulful singer Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill are all stars the organizers have apparently approached…with no luck.

But Travis Scott isn’t one of them

The NFL may have had trouble getting other stars, but they did get Travis Scott, much to his comrade’s dismay. Common, Jay-Z, and others have urged Scott not to take the offer or voiced their disapproval. While it may look like a complete abandonment of his peers it isn’t. Scott agreed to perform on one condition. The NFL had to donate $500,000 to the Dream Corps charity, a social injustice charity that tackles a lot of different issues ranging from environmental protection to technology.

Nelly doesn’t think it’s a big deal


Nelly was arrested and investigated for rape. | Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

While many celebrities don’t think Scott made the right choice, there’s at least one man in his corner. Nelly, a two-time halftime performer, feels that people are overreacting about Scott’s decision. In his mind, merely watching the NFL games from home is showing support for the major sports league. Sure, the halftime show might bring in viewers but “… if you’re really against the NFL, the halftime show is not what you should be concerned about.” According to the rap legend, halftime shows aren’t where the owners get their money; it’s the support fans pour into their teams. You want to take money away from them, stop viewing and don’t buy tickets to the games.

While Nelly certainly has a point, he definitely missed the point being made here. Not showing support for the NFL is a great way to stand against “the man” but the bigger problem is Scott’s lack of solidarity with his “teammates.” With so many other big names dropping out of the game, he was expected to follow suit. No matter what his reasoning, it will look like he caved in for the money or the fame.