Nerds Rejoice: Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Are Coming Back

Audiences first fell in love with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk way back in 2002, when they starred in the cult hit sci-fi show, Firefly. Despite its loyal following though, the show never saw more than one season (and a straight-to-video-movie), forever leaving fans to hope for a much-deserved reboot. Unfortunately, all signs have pointed toward Firefly never returning to the air, with most of its cast finding themselves busy with other projects. But what we have coming may very well be the next best thing, in the form of a web series entitled Conman, devised by Tudyk and Fillion.

The duo launched an Indiegogo campaign just the other day to crowdfund the series, light-heartedly citing their mistrust of network television. In it, they run through their ambitions for the show, why they chose to give fans the opportunity to be the financial backing, and introduce a flurry of guests who will star alongside them. The real kicker though, is that as of this article, the project is already at a whopping 301% of its goal for funding. It hit its $425,000 target before the morning was out on the day it went live and is currently sitting at $1.3 million and rising, with just under a month to go before the campaign ends.

It’s clear the fans wants this, making it a major victory for a crowdfunding industry that’s seen major victories in the form of the Reading Rainbow and Veronica Mars campaigns. Now it’s Fillion and Tudyk’s turn to be thrust into the spotlight for this latest project.

So what was it that got this project fully funded and then some in mere hours? It could very well have been the star power alone, given Firefly‘s rabid following. Combine that with the thirst of its fans for more of their favorite actors, and you have a recipe for a project that audiences can get behind. The series itself appears to contain just the right amount of meta-Firefly entertainment, based around the “fictional” escapades of a certain actor who played a pilot on a quickly cancelled network hit, with Fillion showing up as the former captain on that same show.

With the project now set to move forward, each milestone funding mark has perks like additional episodes, exclusive concept art, and more. The incentive to continue donating until the project’s April 10 end-date is high, given the project’s devotion to fan-service. That commitment to appealing to the people watching the show rather than bigwigs in suits makes it accountable to the right audience, and in turn this will live or die by this credo. If it manages to deliver on its promise, we may see a whole new generation of entertainment burst forth.

The series will run in 10-minute segments, and they have a goal to shoot 120 minutes of footage (so likely ~12 episodes). As a web-series, it won’t be subject to the often-random whims of any major network, leaving Tudyk and Fillion far more creative leeway than they ever would be allowed on television. We’re hoping the series can deliver on its great promise, a thought shared by many if the rapidly rising number on their Indiegogo is any indicator. Like a leaf on the wind indeed, Wash.

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