Nessa Daib Confronts Jenelle at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion and Proves that Jenelle Can’t Handle Being Confronted

It looks like Jenelle Evans might be just as happy to be booted from Teen Mom 2 as her co-stars are to have her gone– at least that’s what a sneak peek from the reunion episode suggests. The troubled star sat down with Nessa Diab to discuss the past season, and it didn’t go well.

While Jenelle looked visibly uncomfortable during the entire sit down, it didn’t take long for her to storm off after she was confronted over offensive tweets. The resident drama maker insisted she was done, but fans don’t think she knew just how right she was. So, what set Jenelle off and does it prove that the mother-of-three can’t deal with confrontation?

Jenelle hurls harsh words from behind a keyboard.

Nessa has been an outspoken activist for equal rights. The radio personality took aim at Jenelle after she and Eason had spammed social media with a series of racist posts. In one such post, Evans announced she would be boycotting Nike due to their campaign that featured Colin Kaepernick.

The Nike campaign, which introduced the tagline “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” was among its most successful campaigns ever, according to Forbes. The controversial nature of the message, however, split fans into two camps. Evans fell on the side of publicly decrying the campaign.

Eason also took to Nessa’s page to troll her tribute to the fallen rapper, Nipsey Hussle. In the comment, Eason referred to Nispey as a “gang banger.” Eason has been accused of racism several times in the past. Evans has always come to his defense, but it looks like she couldn’t handle being called out on her own nonsense.

Nessa’s perfectly polite question sent Jenelle into a tailspin

Nessa, sitting across from Jenelle, took the opportunity to confront the resident troublemaker about the hateful remarks she made regarding Colin Kaepernick. She and Kaepernick have been in a relationship since 2015. Nessa noted that Jenelle had made offensive remarks about her family, and suddenly the teen mom was ready to leave the reunion.

Before heading backstage and ripping her mic off her body, Jenelle pointed at Dr. Drew, telling him this was the very reason she didn’t want to appear at the reunion. She also accused the production company of treating her like a puppet. Jenelle has long hinted that the production company painted her in a negative light and that her social media activity had been misconstrued, but it’s hard to misinterpret much of the North Carolina native’s behavior.

Jenelle has been criticized for everything under the sun, but most recently she’s been taking heat for her resolve to fix her marriage to David Eason. Eason is under investigation after he killed the family dog in a fit of rage. Evans, who initially fled the home returned just a few days later. The couple has since lost custody of all the children in their care.

What is Jenelle going to do next?

The future is looking bleak for Jenelle Evans. Since she sided with David Eason after the death of their dog, Nugget, the general public has turned on the former reality TV star. Her appearance on the show’s upcoming reunion episode seems to be doing little to endear her to the masses. In fact, her tantrum shows that the tough-talking media maven can’t handle being confronted.

Rumors swirled that she and Eason would appear on Marriage Bootcamp, but that offer seems to have evaporated, too. As it stands, Evans is not welcome back on Teen Mom 2, at least as long as Eason is by her side, and the odds of the MTV starlet finding another reality TV gig are slim. Some fans are concerned that the mother-of-three is going to run out of money quickly. After all, she’s likely to have some pretty hefty legal bills to pay in the near future. What’s next for Evans, however, is not known. Fans will have to wait and see.