Netflix August Releases: 5 Shows You’ll Want to Binge-Watch

Netflix offered a few hits in the month of July, but your summer TV binge-watching fest can continue into the month of August.

Whether you need a break from your work duties or something to fill your hours while you’re in the house, there’s a slate of Netflix originals with multiple episodes awaiting your command.

Check out these new and returning series that are primed for non-stop viewing, including the illustrious Lucifer.

'Selling Sunset'
‘Selling Sunset’ | Lindy Lin/Netflix

‘Selling Sunset’

In case you’ve yet to check out the drama and luxe real estate in this reality series, Selling Sunset has two seasons already available. Season 2 dropped in May 2020 and Netflix announced its season 3 premiere date of Aug. 7 in the spring.

Follow Davina, Chrishell, Christine, Heather, Mary, Maya, and Amanza as professionals in a top-tier real estate agency who don’t always see eye-to-eye.

While seasoned fans want to know if Chrishell Stause will discuss her relationship with actor Justin Hartley in season 3, newbies will quickly choose their favorites out of this group of ladies.

And know that drama brews off camera too as exemplified by the tweet below.

‘The Great Heist’

If Money Heist crept into your thoughts upon reading this title, it makes sense. The Great Heist tells the story of a real-life bank heist that happened in Colombia at the Bank of the Republic. In 1994, thieves stole $30 million from a vault and nearly decimated the country’s economy.

This Netflix series will introduce the Spanish-language caper to screens on Aug. 14. If you miss Money Heist and like shows based on true crime, check out season 1 when it arrives on the platform.


Dance with the devil and his family when Lucifer returns to Netflix on Aug. 21. If you’ve heard of the show but aren’t sure what the fuss is about, Lucifer is based on a comic book series by Neil Gaiman.

The king of hell left his duties to pursue life on Earth, where he’s a playboy, runs a nightclub, and helps solve crimes. He also struggles with who he is, deals with major family dysfunction, and realizes he wants love.

Netflix rescued the series after Fox canceled it, giving showrunners creative freedom with seasons 4, 5, and a future season 6. You can binge all five seasons on Aug. 21 or get a head start now.

‘The Rain’

Love dystopian thrillers with teenage heroes? Binge on The Rain, which is about a virus that spreads through the rain and wipes out the Scandinavian population.

But the virus doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Siblings Rasmus and Simone try to find a way to save a world that’s completely fallen apart.

They’re not alone and survival isn’t guaranteed. Season 3 will be released on Aug. 6.

‘The Seven Deadly Sins’

Anime fans won’t have to wait any longer for season 4 of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Camelot is under Zeldris’ control, Meliodas is conflicted about his identity, and the demon clan won’t stop trying to conquer Britannia. Elizabeth is loyal to Meliodas no matter what, but will he let his insecurities ruin everything?

Netflix will release season 4 on Aug. 6 and it is one of the streamer’s most beloved and highly-rated anime.

‘The Legend of Korra’

Following the steps of her avatar predecessor, Aang, Korra will arrive on Netflix on Aug. 14. Binge on Avatar: The Last Airbender first and then follow up with the next incarnation through The Legend of Korra. Meet adult Katara, Toph, Zuko, and Sokka along with a host of new characters (and old spirits).

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