You’ve Probably Been Pronouncing Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ Wrong This Whole Time

When Sex and the City creator Darren Starr announced that he was headed to Netflix, fans were thrilled. His series Emily in Paris follows Emily Cooper (Lilly Collins), an American woman who is offered her dream job in Paris. Embarking on a whole new life in a different country, Emily begins to navigate life, love, and her brand new career.

A good chunk of the series focuses on Emily dealing with the cultural differences between Americans and the French. She’s also trying to make friendships while dealing with bosses and co-workers that she doesn’t quite see eye-to-eye with.

While Emily in Paris was supposed to be a rather straightforward series, it’s been extremely polarizing. In fact, fans have even been pronouncing the series name wrong all of this time.

Emily in Paris Lily Collins as Emily
Emily in Paris Lily Collins as Emily | Stephanie Branchu/Netflix

‘Emily in Paris’ has been renewed for Season 2

As the series premiered, Emily in Paris was getting major pushback from French and American critics. However, Starr was adamant that he wanted a Season 2. “Of course we want a season two!” Starr told Glamour. After all, Season 1 ended with a massive cliffhanger. Still, the Sex and the City creator had revealed that he’d not begun planning out any storylines.

Now that the Netflix series has been renewed for the next season, Starr looks ready to dig into work. Though nothing has been solidified, he has said that the next season will focus more on Emily’s work family. Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), in particular, is supposed to be getting a lot more shine.

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‘Emily in Paris’ has been slammed for using French stereotypes

Though Emily in Paris has garnered millions of viewers since its launch, it has also received a ton of harsh criticism. Film critic Charles Martin wrote in Premiere

[In Emily in Paris] we learn that the French are ‘all bad’ (yes, yes), that they are lazy and never arrive at the office before the end of the morning, that they are flirtatious and not really attached to the concept of loyalty, that they are sexist and backward, and of course, that they have a questionable relationship with showering. Yes, no cliché is spared, not even the weakest.

Others have called the series, badly acted, and said that it glamorizes the patriarchy. However, Starr has defended his series. “The show is a love letter to Paris through the eyes of this American girl who has never been there,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “The first thing she is seeing is the clichés because it’s from her point of view. I’m not sorry for looking at Paris through a glamorous lens. It’s a beautiful city, and I wanted to do a show that celebrated that part of Paris.”

Netflix just revealed we’ve been pronouncing ‘Emily in Paris’ wrong this entire time

Despite the differing opinions about Emily in Paris, Netflix just revealed that English-speakers have been pronouncing the series’ name wrong. Netflix tweeted, “Friendly reminder Emily in Paris is supposed to be pronounced with a French accent so ‘Emily’ and ‘Paris’ rhyme.”

Most English speaking fans have been unable to cope. One said, “please stop, 2020 has been hard enough.” Another said, “Lol Netflix is just here to start drama. Love to see it.”

It looks like Netflix wants to keep the buzz growing as people continue to hate-watch the show in anticipation of the next season.