Netflix Dominates Favorite Summer Shows in 2019

So many Netflix shows, so little time. Even with competition from well-known shows like Big Brother and Glee, Netflix originals rise to the top, earning praise from fans and critics alike. Some shows that are available on Netflix, including Paquitas Salas, Dark, and Girls Incarcerated, earned their spot on TV Time’s list of “shows on the rise.” Sounds like it’s time to start binge-watching another series.

The rankings of the television shows were determined by each show’s week-by-week growth in audience numbers — the show that rose to the top might surprise you. Here are the top Netflix shows for June 2019, according to TV Time.

‘Paquitas Salas’ 

The third installment of this Netflix Spanish comedy rose to the top spot on the TV Time ranking, with a ratio of 99%. This show is available in Spanish and gives fans a look into the life of Paquitas Salas, one of Spain’s best talent agents during the 1990s. Her talents have since become outdated, but that just makes her efforts that much sweeter. 

Created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, this comedy premiered in July 6, 2016. Now in its third season, the show enjoys most of its original cast, including Brays Efe, who plays Paquitas. Paquitas Salas also won the Ondas Award for “National Television: Best Digital Broadcast Content or Platform.”

Gabriel Inglesias
Gabriel Inglesias | Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

‘Mr. Ingelias’

Not to be confused with Enrique Iglesias, Mr. Ingelias tells the story of a high school history teacher who tries to help “gifted misfits.” Although this series recently premiered on Netflix, on June 21, 2019, it already grabbed the attention of Netflix subscribers. It earned the No. 5 spot on TV Time’s list of trending shows, with a ratio of 55.3%.

Mr. Ingelias stars Gabriel Ingelias, who is known for his stand up comedy. The actor also appeared in The Book of Life as Pepe Rodriguez, Ferdinand as Cuatro, Magic Mike XXL as Tobias, and Disney and Pixar’s Coco

‘Girls Incarcerated’

It’s a little dark and sad, but it’s honest. This series tells the story of girls who are incarcerated in American correctional facilities for a variety of charges. It shows the hardships they face and how, through the support of their friends, they overcome their circumstances and grow beyond it. Season 2 of Girls Incarcerated is available for streaming on Netflix. That could be why this show jumped to the No 8 spot on TV Time’s list. It currently has a ratio of 40.1%. 

Netflix series "Dark"
Europe Premiere of Netflix series ‘Dark’ | Photo by Maurizio Gambarini/picture alliance via Getty Images


Originally released in 2017, Dark tells the story of a town who is plagued by the disappearance of two young kids. This series is a mystery-drama, so viewers are along for the ride. As the characters try to uncover what happened to the missing children, so do the viewers. This show is in German. However, it packs a big punch for fans in the United States, some saying it compares to shows like Game of Thrones. Dark earned the No. 7 spot on this list, with a ratio of 40.7%. 

Although these Netflix television series’ made TV Time’s list of “shows on the rise,” shows by CBS, FOX, and the CW also appear in the top 10. That includes Big Brother, Glee, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Siren.