Netflix Lands Jenny Slate’s First Stand-Up Comedy Special, ‘Stage Fright’

Big Mouth star, Jenny Slate, brings her first-ever comedy special, Jenny Slate: Stage Fright, to Netflix. The Saturday Night Live alum previously confessed to having stage fright after being let go. Will the fear affect her performance in the special or will this become a meta experience?

When did Jenny Slate develop stage fright?

Jenny Slate on 'Late Night with Seth Myers'
Jenny Slate on ‘Late Night with Seth Myers’ | Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Aside from SNL, you may have seen Slate around. Though she admitted she caught a bit of stage fright after leaving SNL. She’s been part of Obvious ChildThe Secret Life of Pets, and Parks and Recreation. In 2016, she told Vulture about her fears.

“I look forward to being seen, and to accepting that part of myself that needs attention and is willing to give something nice to get something nice,” she said.

She concluded that fear is a necessary part saying, “I look forward to being a little scared … I look forward to pushing myself to be confident because I get crazy stage fright, always have, and I feel proud every time I push through that.”

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At that time, she explained she didn’t want to do a special. “I want to let my stand-up be small and immediate and let it float up into the sky like a balloon when I’m done.”

What is ‘Stage Fright’ about?

According to an Instagram post by Slate, the special is, “part stand-up, part documentary about my family, my fears, my heart, and a lot of other things that will make you laugh.”

Deadline reported Stage Fright will also have “personal clips from her childhood,” and, “interviews with her family to give an intimate look at her life.”

She’ll also touch on her visit to a midnight Catholic Mass. It’s a “spooky story.” Yes, we mean she’ll talk about ghost hauntings in her childhood home. Is there anything better (or more hilarious)?

What’s next for Jenny Slate?

The animated series Slate is apart of, Big Mouth, has been renewed for three more seasons. The newly-engaged actress seems to have a lot up her sleeve. She recently had an essay published in New Yorker, and she’ll have a book out, Little Weirds, in November.

Stage Fright is sure to help Slate conquer her fears, once and for all. If not, we’ll hope for a follow-up, Netflix.