Netflix Lands the Deal for Eddie Murphy’s ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’

Eddie Murphy has been making the daytime and late-night rounds on the talk show circuit, and of course the conversation topics revolve around his stand-up plans, his current film projects, and his career in general. If you haven’t caught any of the interviews he’s done with Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, or Al Roker, it’s time to catch up.

Fans are excited about his return to the forefront, and news of the Beverly Hills Cop sequel has been adding fuel to the fire. No longer a rumor, the movie is happening thanks to a solid deal.

Scene from 'Beverly Hills Cop' with Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold and John Ashton on the set of ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’ | Archive Photos/Getty Images

‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ heading to Netflix

Who’s ready to see Axel Foley again? Deadline reports that Paramount structured a deal with Netflix to license Beverly Hills Cop and greenlight the latest sequel. After a few false starts and stalls, the movie is finally going to be made with Paramount’s blessing.

Murphy and Jerry Bruckheimer are collaborating on the project, with Bruckheimer telling Collider he is glad that it’s finally happening. He said that he’s been trying to get a studio to do another Beverly Hills Cop movie for years but couldn’t get anyone on board. What changed their minds? Murphy’s reemergence on the scene with Dolemite has people excited and interested in what he’s doing next.

Dolemite Is My Name played in theaters for a short while before arriving on Netflix on Oct. 24 as part of their new strategy with theatrical releases. The film is earning rave reviews. It’s also giving Murphy renewed attention.

When will Murphy work on the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ sequel?

Right now, Murphy is wrapping up production on Coming 2 America and he’s making plans for his stand-up comedy tour. But he’s happy that everything is rolling the way it is and told Roker that all these projects just started coming together around the same time.

Murphy stated that Beverly Hills Cop has been on the burner for eight or nine years and they’re finally going to start working on it after Coming 2 America. The sequel to that fairytale comedy classic is due to arrive in theaters during Christmas next year, pushed back from its original summer release date in August 2020.

But Beverly Hills Cop 4 has been in development for so long it’s highly probable they have the basic story and plotline hashed out for Axel Foley and whoever he’s teaming up with this time.

Netflix is extending its reach with feature films

As Deadline points out, this agreement will strengthen the relationship between Murphy and Netflix, and it will help solidify the streamer’s strategy of creating cinematic films with big names attached. Bruckheimer and Murphy will partner with Netflix to nail down a team for the script, direction, and casting of Beverly Hills Cop 4 but there’s no word if any old cast members are down.

The new movie will join a lineup of other features such as The Irishman, Marriage Story, The King, and The Laundromat. Netflix might end up being the new destination for highly anticipated films.