This Why Netflix Fans Are Calling ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ Racist

Netflix seems to be encroaching on everyone’s territory. From sitcoms to Academy Award-winning dramas, the streaming network has proven that there is no genre they can’t master.

Now, Netflix is encroaching on HGTV’s territory with one of its newest reality series, Million Dollar Beach House. Amid the pandemic, viewers are looking for a way to escape, and Million Dollar Beach House seems like the perfect way to do it. However, fans are calling out the popular series for what appears to be a slew of microaggressions, sexism, and racism.

What is ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ about?

Like most reality series similar to this one, Million Dollar Beach House has a very straight forward concept. It follows a group of real estate brokers and agents selling multi-million dollar luxury homes in the posh Hamptons.

Essentially, it’s a ton of flawless looking people who over the course of six episodes give us a glimpse of luxury toilets, an office meeting on a massive yacht, and a $30,000. It’s a lot, but considering the times we are living in we don’t blame anyone for getting sucked into this new show.

However, the series seems to have some major issues.

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There is only one Black person on ‘Million Dollar Beach House’

From the beginning episode, Million Dollar Beach House is alarming. The series focuses on five relators, three white men, Michael, J.B., and Jimmy, a Black man, Noel, and a white woman named Peggy.

Unfortunately, all of the drama seems to stem from Peggy, the white woman, and Noel, the Black man. The remaining three act as instigators. In the first very episode, Peggy takes a client to see one of Noel’s properties. Despite his confidence, Noel doesn’t quite seal the deal leading Peggy and the other colleagues to bully and belittle him.

Obviously, Million Dollar Beach House was shopped, sold, and shot prior to the pandemic and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, but the themes and issues highlighted here to showcase all of the awful and horrific things that people of color deal with on a daily basis.

Peggy also deals with a ton of sexism, her male-coworkers act inappropriately at home stagings and they complain when she takes the lead saying, “Peggy has got a lot to say. I do wish she would let me take the lead,” and “Peggy should let me handle this conversation.” Needless to say, viewers were disgusted,

Netflix fans want ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ canceled due to its racism

Fans have been calling Million Beach House everything from gross to problematic to racist. Huffington Post reporter Emma Gray shared her thoughts on Twitter saying,

Netflix’s new reality offering, Million Dollar Beach House, is a master class in how mediocre racist white dudes fail up. Like how did I just watch a man refer to his pregnant wife as a “vessel” for *his* child in 2020. Another fun thing is that the only meaningful storyline seems to be the one Black man fighting with the one white woman???

Honestly, this is a lot.