Netflix Originals That Definitely Didn’t Live Up to the Hype

Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Iron Fist
Iron Fist | Netflix

In 2013, Netflix created its first original series, House of CardsSince then, Netflix has continued to produce high-quality, original content that has quickly gained popularity around the world. In fact, their original content has become so popular that last year, the video streaming giants spent approximately $8 billion in order to increase their original content count to around 700 different shows and movies.

Although most of their original content has made Netflix’s value skyrocket to unimaginable heights, there are still some shows and movies that didn’t do nearly as well as everyone may have thought they would. Here is a list of some of the Netflix Original that just didn’t live up to the hype.

1.)’Iron Fist’

This is an adaptation of Marvel’s beloved superhero that first his debut in the comics back in the 1970s. 

Netflix has had some great success with several Marvel adaptations, including Daredevil and Jessica Jones. By all accounts, this show seemed like it was going to be an instant hit, just like the other shows that were spawned from the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, however, this superhero came up a little short when it came to meeting the fan’s expectations that were set by its Marvel brethren. Many critics felt that this show lacked the excitement and entertainment factors that the other Marvel adaptations had. Unlike the other collaborative shows, Iron Fist generally seemed to leave most viewers bored and underwhelmed.

2.) ‘Disjointed’

Disjointed was a comedy series that humorously depicted the life of a medical marijuana dispensary owner. The owner is played the world-renowned actress, Kathy Bates, and the show is lead by Chuck Lorre, a man who’s a creative genius has gotten him dubbed “The Sitcom King.” 

With exceptional actors, a funny plot, and a live audience, Netflix’s new comedy series seemed to have all of the ingredients that are needed for an instant hit show. No matter how good of a plan that the creator’s seemed to have for the show, they had definitely fallen short when it came to the execution. Between the unorganized plot and the unoriginal jokes, this series was promptly canceled after receiving some of the worst reviews of the summer.

3.) ‘Chelsea’

For years, Chelsea Handler had a popular talk show on the E! network. Her brutally honest personality and the witty comebacks that she would spit at her audience changed the way people viewed talk shows. With Chelsea’s new show’s debut on Netflix, many people welcomed her back onto their television sets with opened arms. Unfortunately, the fans were not nearly as happy with Chelsea’s newest creation as they were with her old show. After two seasons of consistently bad reviews, Netflix had decided to pull the plug.

4.) ‘Bright’

Bright is a film that combines science-fiction with action. The movie takes viewers on a science-fiction adventure where real-life characters and fantasy creatures live harmoniously together. It features a human police officer and his orc partner that fight the evils of the world in order to protect a young elf from a dangerous villain.

The movie stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton and has Suicide Squad’s, David Ayer as the director. Netflix had such high hopes for this movie that they had actually spent  $90 million on this film to ensure that it suited their high-quality standards. According to Engadget, Netflix was already planning the sequel before the movie had even started streaming. 

Unfortunately, this film was not well-received by fans. There were very few movie critics that could find anything good to say about the film. One critic had even stated that the movie was “basically a tired buddy-cop movie dressed up in bizarre trappings.” With numerous other reviews that pretty much echoed that statement, it is no surprise that Netflix canceled its plans to make a sequel.  

Even though Netflix may have made a few movies and series that have not quite lived up to their hype, they are still able to make a lucrative income that is based solely on their original content. With their outstanding track record, we are sure that there will plenty of original content in the future that will live up to everyone’s expectations.