Netflix Show Cancellations That Fans Refused to Let Go Of

Netflix is one of the largest streaming services in the world, with a wealth of original content as well as popular movies and TV shows from other studios and production companies.

While fans flock to Netflix to see shows such as Stranger Things and Orange Is the New Black, Netflix has also ruffled a few feathers at the decision to cancel certain shows. Read on to see which cancellations hit fans the hardest and how Netflix decides which shows to cancel.

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‘Santa Clarita Diet’ was a fan-favorite series

Santa Clarita Diet premiered on Netflix in early 2017 and was an immediate hit with critics and fans. The show featured Drew Barrymore in a career-boosting role, and Timothy Olyphant, a longtime television favorite.

For two years, the show drew in fans left and right, the unique storyline and characters setting it apart from everything else. Still, the show was ultimately to be short-lived.

In April 2019, showrunners for Santa Clarita Diet revealed that the show had gotten canceled. The backlash was swift, with fans of the show starting a Twitter campaign to try and bring it back, or at least get some clarity as to why the show had gotten the ax.

After all, the Santa Clarita Diet had received excellent reviews from critics as well as fans during the three seasons that were released on Netflix. Producers of the show thanked fans for their vocal outpouring of support after the cancellation notice, saying that it meant “so much” to them, but Netflix didn’t crack, and it seems as though the Santa Clarita Diet has really gone away for good. 

‘The OA’ and ‘Sense8’ were both canceled

One show that didn’t quite last as long as Santa Clarita Diet, but that definitely made a huge impact, was Sense8. The show, which debuted in 2015, followed a group of strangers who start to experience a bizarre emotional link.

Sense8 was hailed as a masterpiece by fans, who loved the diverse casting and complex storylines. Still, it was unceremoniously canceled after two seasons, sending fans into an outrage. 

The OA also lasted a mere two seasons, when fans believed that it deserved much more. The OA was an original series that follows the story of a blind woman who disappeared seven years ago only to have her sight restored miraculously.

Unique and compelling, The OA earned a devoted audience of fans during the first two seasons — which only made it that much harder when Netflix canceled the series in the summer of 2019.

Fans are still holding out hope for these, and a few other original shows to possibly make a comeback sometime in the future.

Why does Netflix cancel certain shows?

While Netflix doesn’t reveal the specific reasons as to why they cancel certain shows, there are some factors to consider. If the number of viewers drops dramatically from season to season for a show, it’s a pretty strong contender for cancellation.

There’s also the matter of cost — if it costs more money to produce a series and the numbers and buzz over it just aren’t totaling up, Netflix could decide to drop the ax.

Regardless of the reasoning, fans aren’t taking the recent string of cancellations lying down.

The hashtag “#CancelNetflix” has been trending, with fans voicing their outrage over all of the original shows that Netflix has canceled. Many fans even stated that they reached out directly to Netflix for clarification over the cancellations, but so far, no response.

With several new streaming services entering the market over the next several months, including the highly-anticipated Disney service, Netflix might have to step up its game and work harder to keep all their viewers happy.