10 Netflix Shows That Are Likely to Get the Ax

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House of Cards | Netflix

As much as Netflix’s library of hit movies has vastly improved over the years, the streaming service has really seen the most growth with its original programming. Whereas Netflix once had only a handful of original productions at any given time, it has invested heavily in original series, specials, and even films, proving itself to be a real player in both the world of television and movies. That’s progress that similar companies like Amazon and Hulu have yet to really compete with.

However, even a company as massive and epically successful as Netflix ultimately runs into its own limitations. As such, we’re taking a look at the shows that Netflix is most likely to pull the plug on in the near future. For the record, we’re ignoring shows that have already received extensive long-term renewals (e.g., Orange Is the New Black) and those that appear to be just warming up (e.g., Stranger Things).

1. House of Cards (2013–present)

Oh, everything seems to be going just great for this award-winning drama about the crooked politicians in Washington, D.C. However, while the show recently debuted Season 5, many feel like it’s starting to show its age, especially since it has already outlasted the U.K. series it’s based on.

It might continue on, but Netflix has to know that the story of Frank Underwood can’t go on forever.

2. Flaked

This Will Arnett comedy has aired two seasons so far, both receiving little to no fanfare. Combine that with poor reviews (it made our list of Netflix’s top 10 worst originals) and there’s not much reason to keep this show around. If the streamer is looking to make cuts to its content, this seems like an obvious candidate.

3. Marseilles

Netflix invested a good chunk of money in its first French original production, Marseille, starring Gérard Depardieu. Unfortunately for the streamer, the show didn’t earn that much attention in its debut and even worse, garnered not-so-great reviews from critics.

Netflix ended up giving the show a second season renewal anyway, but now that the streamer is quicker to pull the plug, it’s very likely the show won’t last much longer — especially since the streamer recently picked up another French original, Osmosis.

4. DreamWorks Dragons (2015–present)

Netflix initially picked this one up from Cartoon Network, continuing the show for another three seasons. However, like All Hail King Julien, its parent film series is at a standstill. While How to Train Your Dragon 3 is still in the pipeline, all of the voice cast — including Jay Baruchel, T.J. Miller, and America Ferrera — have seen their schedules dramatically fill up recently.

5. Real Rob 

You’ve probably already forgotten about Rob Schneider’s Netflix comedy, which debuted in 2015 — and for good reason. The show garnered overwhelmingly negative reviews and also failed to make much of a splash in its debut (other than scoring a literal 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes, that is).

Though a second season was announced in July 2016, there’s been no update since, meaning that Netflix may be rethinking its decision.

6. W/ Bob & David (2015–present)

Mr. Show with Bob and David fans received the wish they’ve been hoping for ever since that series ended. Yet, this sketch comedy series appears to be more and more like a one-off for stars Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. Though the door remains open, don’t hold your breath for another round of this show.

7. Easy (2016–present)

A romantic comedy anthology series, Easy brings television love stories to a wholly original place, with writer/director/producer/editor Joe Swanberg employing his improv-heavy style on a collection of hilarious episodes. With a star-studded ensemble cast, the show could become a Netflix mainstay or simply end up being one that ended too soon.

8. Girlboss

There was some buzz surrounding Girlboss, based on the life of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, when it was first announced. But it fell pretty flat upon its arrival. In addition to earning middling reviews from critics, the series just didn’t get the kind of traction that we’ve come to expect from a Netflix original, instead getting overshadowed by some of the streamer’s stronger 2017 entries.

With a second season renewal still unannounced, this freshman show could be on the chopping block.

9. Netflix Presents: The Characters (2016–present)

Much like W/ Bob & David, this sketch comedy show is being continuously read as a limited-run series rather than a recurring one. Despite debuting in early 2016, there’s been no word whether or not it will be renewed for additional episodes. It certainly doesn’t look likely at this point though.

10. Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: Europe (2016–present)

Trailer Park Boys remains a popular fixture on Netflix, which picked the show up from Showcase and has aired three seasons so far. This series, however, lacks the same longevity and will almost definitely remain a brief blip in the history of the parent series. Either way, fans will still have that original show to watch, as it’s been renewed for Season 11.

Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado.

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