The Requirements For The Actress Playing Princess Diana On ‘The Crown’ Are Shocking

We are waiting with bated breath for Netflix to announce the Season 3 release date for their acclaimed drama, The Crown. The award-winning series follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the Windsor family throughout various world events and scandals. In Season 1 and Season 2 of The Crown, we followed the queen from her 1947 marriage to Prince Philip through the beginning of tumultuous 1960s and John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Now, as the seasons continue, Netflix has cast a slew of new actors to carry the series forward. Academy Award-winning actress Olivia Coleman has replaced Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, and now, Netflix is on the hunt for an actress to portray Princess Diana.

The shocking requirements for the actress who will play Princess Diana on The Crown

We all know how influential Princess Diana was to not just the British Royal Family but to the world. The late Princess singlehandedly shifted perception of the royals. She was caring, kind, outgoing, and she walked to the beat of her own drum. An insider told The Sun, “Peter [Morgan, the showrunner] is not going to hold back on how Diana impacted the Royal Family, just as he didn’t when he wrote the Queen. It could ruffle a few feathers.”

The Sun obtained a copy of the ad for the role which requires an actress from the ages of 18-22 for Season 4 of The Crown. It reads, “We need a mesmerizing new young star with extraordinary range. She has to play charming comedy, flirt and social exhibitionist on the world stage, desperate and lonely self-harmer at her lowest ebb and the kind of psychological intensity of Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.” Season 4 of The Crown is set to begin filming in Aug. 2019.

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What can we expect to see in Season 3 of The Crown?

Along with Olivia Coleman —Outlander actor Tobias Menzies is replacing Matt Smith as Prince Philip on the series, and iconic actress Helena Bonham-Carter is replacing Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret.

Season 3 will begin in 1964 and end in 1970. We will see Queen Elizabeth form a steady bond with Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who served as head of the British government during this period. Additionally, the upcoming season will focus on Apollo 11, the decolonization of Africa and the Caribbean, the birth of Prince Edward, and Prince Charles’ move into the public eye following his coronation as the Prince of Wales in 1969. We will also be introduced to Camilla Parker Bowles played by actress Emerald Fennell.

With all of this change and Princess Diana’s casting in Season 4, The Crown has a lot to live up to. Executive producer Suzanne Mackie told The Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t think any other show has recast its characters between seasons, so there is something both nerve-wracking and exhilarating too.”

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