Netflix’s ‘The Politician’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: ‘The Harrington Commode’

We’ll admit, the pilot of The Politician took some time to grab ahold of our attention. But diving into the second episode was even easier, as there was now one major question on our minds: Is Infinity really sick? How will Payton find out?

The Politician Season
The Politician Season 1 | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Netflix

The Politician Episode 2 “The Harrington Commode” picks up where the first left off, with Payton and his advisors stuck with a new quandary. Sadly, this episode is sorely lacking in Payton-River moments, but let’s hope we get more flashbacks in future ones. For now, here’s what happened this time.

Is she faking it?

The question on Payton’s mind this episode: Does Infinity really have cancer? The two host a fundraiser, and during it, she overexerts herself, ending up in the emergency room. But when Dusty discovers her granddaughter’s whereabouts, she swoops in and removes her from the situation.

Outside the hospital, Andrew explains how he knows Infinity isn’t sick. He encourages Payton to investigate more. He does this by having dinner at the Jackson residence and snooping around, but Dusty flies into a fit of rage when she learns what he’s investigating and he leaves in a hurry. We also discover that Infinity has a boyfriend, but not much else about him.

A shocking fall

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Meanwhile, back at Payton’s house, Georgina comes to her husband, Keaton Hobart (Bob Balaban), and confesses that she’s in love with another woman and wants a divorce. Keaton springs into action and jumps out the window (off of the titular Harrington Commode, a family heirloom), but survives, ending up in a medically-induced coma.

Twins Luther and Martin recognize that if their father dies, they can invoke a clause in their parents’ prenuptial agreement, leaving Georgina and, subsequently, Payton, with nothing. Georgina pleas with them, for Payton’s sake, but to no avail.

Brother betrayal

So Payton hatches a plan. He spends time by his father’s side, and is there when he wakes up. He then tells his brothers that their father is getting better, and when he does, he’ll hear about their bad intentions. Luther and Martin go to kill Keaton, but, because he’s actually awake, he overhears them, and writes them out of the will.

However, he does this with a caveat. Keaton tells Georgina that he wants to help out Payton, but he knows how much he means to her. So he only agrees to do so if she breaks up with her lover, for good. She dutifully makes this sacrifice for her son, who is there to comfort her after.

The blood test

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By now, Payton is very suspicious, especially given his discovery that the nurse who takes care of Infinity goes on trips with the Jacksons. McAfee comes up with a plan: They’ll host an all-inclusive blood drive and get Infinity’s blood tested, so they’ll know once and for all. They shut James out of the plan, because he is of the mind that if they know the truth, they’ll all be implicated.

But Payton is determined. The results come back, and he and his two advisors sit down with the results. It’s as they suspected: Infinity does not have cancer. McAfee suspects Munchausen syndrome by proxy, in which the caretaker (in this case, Dusty), makes the subject sicker (as seen in recent Emmy-nominated limited series like The Act and Sharp Objects). James, who has been acting a bit suspiciously, asks Payton the big question: What happens now?