Netflix Users Say They Won’t Cancel Service For Disney+ or Apple TV+

The streaming world is entering an interesting time. The market that was once dominated by Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime is going to face some new competition the next year with the debut of Apple TV+, Disney+, and stand-alone cable streaming platforms.

From what we know at the outset, the new platforms on the block (Apple TV+ and Disney+) are poised for initial big business. Evidence shows a big influx of pre-orders already for Disney and the expectation of stellar content from Apple.

What the reality turns out to be is a different story. The bigger angle is whether Netflix will keep its subscribers, or if it will make an exodus to the new services. Media data shows nothing much might change immediately.

Will Netflix’s users stay put?

Netflix | Olly Curtis/Future via Getty Images

It’s safe to say Netflix, Apple, and Disney could become the Big Three by the first quarter of 2020 based on one interesting survey. Piper Jaffray conducted a survey of existing Netflix users and determined 1,500 users won’t leave the service in favor of the new platforms.

That’s quite a tell, even if it’s perhaps not an accurate picture in one particular way. The survey is only a small fraction of all 150 million Netflix subscribers worldwide. Also, Apple and Disney are still untested in how their content is going to resonate.

These responses were perhaps based merely on the basic summaries of what Apple and Disney will offer and going strictly by brand recognition. No doubt everyone interested in streaming will check both out (not including other upcoming platforms like HBO Max and NBC’s Peacock) through a free trial to test the programming.

If the competing content grows buzz, it could still spell trouble for Netflix. Some troubling signs have already begun based on their dipping stock this year, despite this possibly being other economic factors.

The reality is, many people will be balancing multiple streaming platforms

When you add Netflix, Apple, and Disney together in terms of pricing, it still comes to under $25 per month, which is a good deal for most families who’ve cut the cable cord.

Many people are cutting the cord, yet also worry with so many streaming services available, we’ll essentially end up paying as much or more as we did with cable in the first place. There is a valid argument there, potentially leaving the door open to cable companies wooing people back later when streaming fatigue sets in.

As always, content quality will determine the trajectory of all streaming services over the next five years. Should Netflix, Apple, and Disney dominate, it might mean others faltering over time since it’s unlikely the majority of streaming subscribers will have time to watch everything offered. Or, maybe, we’ll have some surprises down the line, like one service starting next year.

Netflix may always thrive, but surprises are probably ahead

If you look carefully at some of Netflix’s programming strategies, you see they managed to arrange various shows and movie premieres in November to offset the Apple and Disney siege.

Movies like The Irishman and Marriage Story alone will make Netflix a very exciting Oscar hub through the late fall and winter. They may even clean up at the Oscars if either movie gets Best Picture (a good bet) since Netflix distributes both. Having this happen will obviously give the platform a major shot in the arm.

Watch out for another streaming service debuting next April, though. Quibi will be one we’ll be writing about and could give all streaming services a run for their money. The reason is they’re touting 10-minute video bites as a new form of entertainment we haven’t seen attempted. These videos will be short movies and shows.

In a world where lack of time is a big problem, many streaming fans may turn to this to get their streaming fixes, assuming the content is worthy of a potentially winning concept.