Netflix: Who Plays Allie In ‘The Society’?

The Society is Netflix’s newest teen drama. Its dark undertones, talented and moody cast, and Lord of the Flies-esque plotline already has us hooked. Season two can’t come soon enough.

The binge-worthy series captured our attention right out of the gates with the first episode. 

What happened to home?

Kathryn Newton
Kathryn Newton from Netflix’s The Society | Rich Fury/Getty Images

At some point, most teens wish away their parents. If only in a moment of anger, or in a desperate grasp for independence, everyone wishes they had more control over their lives in adolescence. But, when that actually occurs in a small New England town, the teens aren’t sure they got what they bargained for.

In episode one, four busloads of teens return from a botched school field trip to discover their little town of West Ham isn’t as they left it. Sisters Allie and Cassandra begin working to discover what happened to their town, and where everyone went.

With 200 or so teenagers lose in a town with no rules, zero authority figures, and no expectations…you can imagine the chaos that ensues.

Little sister life

Allie seems to live in the shadows of big sister Cassandra’s take-charge personality. At first glance, she seems shy, if not a little underrated. She doesn’t seem to recognize her strengths, if she has any, and seems content to let Cassandra run the show.

The story really is a coming-of-age drama though, and we watch as Allie comes into her own, and becomes a leader, whether she wants to or not. 

Allie is played by actress Kathryn Newton

Newton was born in Los Angeles, and perhaps being born in the city of the stars had some impact on her inevitable rise to fame. Her career started when she was only 4 years old and has since continued to grow.

She easily accumulated two Young Artist Awards for “Best Performance in a Feature Film” and “Best Performance in a TV Series” for her roles as Alex Nelson in Paranormal Activity 4, and Louise Brooks in Gary Unmarried from 2008-2010.

Where have we seen those eyebrows before?

Once you’ve seen her, you can’t forget her. The actress has a unique and striking beauty, accented by bold eyebrows and a quick smile. Her signature look makes her easy to spot in some of our favorite shows.

Some of her most recognizable roles lately have been in Supernatural, Blockers, and Big Little Lies. Kathryn has appeared in Supernatural, since 2014 as Claire Novak, and alongside the fabulous Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies as Witherspoon’s daughter, Abigail.

In Blockers she played Julie, one of the teens headed off to prom. It was there she became friends with co-star, Gideon Adlon, who played Sam. The two now appear together in The Society.

You’ll also see her alongside Julia Roberts in Ben is Back, starring in Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz, and in a really well received, PBS Little Women miniseries with the famed Angela Lansbury which premiered last December (2017).

If she isn’t a household name, she will be soon

Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t updated Newton’s profile picture lately. She’s still a fresh-faced child on the site, a far cry from the accomplished actress she is today.

She popped into the limelight as a 4-year old on the set of All My Children and hasn’t stopped shining yet. The proof? Kathryn’s career is currently a whirlwind of activity. Between her Detective Pikachu Movie debut to Season 2 of Big Little Lies, the girl has it going on.

The Society premiered on Netflix on May 10 and already has a cult-like following. If you’ve missed the boat, it’s time to get on it. All ten episodes are available for you to binge watch, right now, on Netflix.