Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’: 6 Marvel Villains Who Could Show Up

Thus far, Marvel’s Netflix series has gone a long way toward redeeming the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) lackluster television offerings. ABC’s Agents of SHIELD recently wrapped up its fourth season, but the series has never truly been the breakout hit that perhaps the network may have hoped for. Even worse, the network’s Agent Carter — which starred the film’s Hayley Atwell as the intrepid title character — was cancelled after just two abbreviated seasons.

So it stands to reason that Marvel would focus its energies on the more adult branch of the MCU. A mission it kicked off last year with Daredevil and has since expanded with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, as well as Iron Fist. The big-picture plan has been for each show to develop into the next, with crossovers and plotlines presumably building toward next year’s epic team-up miniseries The Defenders.

Details thus far remain vague, but here are some possible villains that the street-level heroes could take on. This is, of course, assuming that no major crossovers will unite the films and Netflix shows anytime soon.

1. Kingpin

Vincent D'Onofrio in Daredevil

Vincent D’Onofrio in Daredevil | Source: Netflix

The first and perhaps most obvious possible baddie is Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. As played by Vincent D’Onofrio, the character is among the most complex and fascinating comic book villains to hit any screen in years. Kingpin certainly has the resources to pull off a threat large enough to cause New York’s heroes to band together against him. Plus, he has an eye for revenge against Daredevil, which lends a personal motivation to his scheme.

2. The Hand

The Hand in Daredevil

The Hand in Daredevil | Source: Netflix

The way Daredevil wrapped up season two very much indicated that The Hand would remain a force to be reckoned with. Where that story will go next (as well as its implications for Elektra) remain one of the greatest mysteries. Since The Defenders will debut prior to Daredevil Season 3, it’s very likely that this plotline will factor into the miniseries. The mystical nature of The Hand would not only fit well with Matt Murdock’s story but also that of the Iron Fist. We can only imagine how Jessica Jones and Luke Cage will react to straight-up magic.

3. Mephisto

Mephisto in Marvel Comics

Mephisto | Source: Marvel Comics

Remember how we said that details about The Defenders remain elusive so far? While concrete facts about the show are nowhere to be found, rumors are swirling that this Marvel villain — essentially the devil himself — will factor into the Netflix team up. Even though he seems like an outlandishly supernatural foe for the Defenders, the character would certainly bring new meaning to the devilish name of Hell’s Kitchen. For that reason alone, having him be the big bad for the Defenders feels a bit poetic to us.

4. Dormammu

Dormammu in Marvel Comics

Dormammu | Source: Marvel Comics

Though predominantly a Doctor Strange villain, Dormammu has also come up against the Defenders periodically in the comics. With his powers rooted in dark magic, Dormammu could easily be an ancient entity that is conjured by some evil force, perhaps even The Hand itself, to destroy New York, causing the Defenders to leap into action.

5. The Nameless One

The Undying Ones in Marvel Comics

The Undying Ones | Source: Marvel Comics

Likewise, the two-headed demon known as The Nameless One could be another mystical threat. As leader of the Undying Ones, he would bring an army to Hell’s Kitchen that is hellbent on conquering the planet. Such lofty goals may imply that a more powerful team like the Avengers might need to be involved, but The Nameless One’s ability to possess others could help distill the demon’s powers to the more restrained confines of the Netflix branch of the MCU.

6. The Hood

The Hood in Marvel Comics

The Hood | Source: Marvel Comics

Should The Defenders opt for a villain that bridges the gap between mysticism and the criminal underworld, The Hood might prove to be a good option. A crime boss and expert marksman, he has sported a cloak with invisibility and other powers. The New York-based supervillain has interacted with nearly all the key members of this particular version of the Defenders. Consider him a dark horse candidate to star in the Netflix miniseries. His comic book history with the Infinity Gems would also lend itself nicely to a crossover in the films if Marvel is willing to go that route.

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