Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ Trailer Proves Mindy Kaling Is Winning

Never Have I Ever is an upcoming Netflix comedy created by Mindy Kaling. The series tells the story of Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a book smart Indian-American teen who’s short temper gets her into difficult social situations. After seeing the trailer for the new show, one thing is clear, Kaling is winning when it comes to realistic representation on TV. 

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Mindy Kaling is changing the face of TV 

Kaling is known for her role as Kelly Kapoor in The Office, as well as playing the titular character on her show, The Mindy Project. But these days, Kaling is working behind the scenes, and she’s producing shows with diverse casts and crews.

Unlike the movie it is based on, Kaling’s Hulu comedy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, features a diverse cast and represents minorities not often seen on-screen. In an interview with Forbes, Kaling said she loved the original film, but wanted the show to reflect the real world.

“If it was going to have my name on it, it needed to be through the lenses of Mindy,” said Kaling. “So the leads are an African American woman and a Pakistani man, and the cast is half American. It’s very much the world that I live in, which people look very different. But there’s still romance and great conversations and intrigue. So I was just making something that wasn’t on TV, but something that I would love to watch.”


Mindy Kaling based ‘Never Have I Ever’ on her own childhood

Kaling’s new Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, is inspired by her own life. It centers around a studious Indian-American girl who isn’t shy about her feelings. As reported by Variety, Kaling said she and Netflix executive Bela Bajaria wanted to make a show that represents them.

“Our show is about a Tamil Indian girl, and typically they’re South Indians and they’re dark-skinned,” she said at a Netflix event. “I felt lucky to be able to do a show about an Indian nerd who’s also badly behaved to show that because I’m deeply familiar with it. Bela was also interested in seeing Indian characters who are not all like Princess Jasmine.”

The trailer for ‘Never Have I Ever’ 

In the Netflix trailer for Never Have I Ever, Devi sits in her room and prays to her Hindu gods, asking them for an ideal school year to come. “Hey Gods, it’s Devi Vishwakumar, you’re favorite Hindu girl in the San Fernando Valley,” she says in the teaser. “I think we can agree that last year sucked for a number of reasons. So I thought of a few ways you guys could make it up to me.”  

To make her new school year better, Devi asks for an invite to a “party with alcohol and hard drugs.” But not because she wants to do drugs. She only wants the opportunity to say, “no cocaine for me, thanks.” She also asks for her arm hair to thin out, and finally asks for a boyfriend. 

“But not some nerd from one of my AP classes,” Devi emphasizes. “Like a guy from a sports team. He can be dumb, I don’t care. I just want him to be a stone-cold hottie who could rock me all night long.”

Never Have I Ever comes to Netflix on April 27.