‘Never Have I Ever’: Gigi Hadid Replaces Chrissy Teigen in Netflix Series

Chrissy Teigen has found herself in plenty of hot water on social media as of late, but she did have one thing to look forward to: she was all set to appear on the Netflix show Never Have I Ever. Unfortunately, that opportunity went away when she decided to step away from the show’s second season. She’s since been replaced by Gigi Hadid. So what is the show about, and what led to Teigen’s departure? 

Let’s take a closer look at this Netflix show and why Teigen opted to step away before Hadid was tapped as her replacement. 

What is ‘Never Have I Ever’ about?

Aneesa, Fabiola, Eleanor, and Devi sit on the floor of Devi's bedroom in 'Never Have I Ever'
(l-R) Megan Suri, Lee Rodriguez, Ramona Young, and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in ‘Never Have I Ever’ | Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix © 2021

As far as the show Teigen was going to appear on, it currently has two seasons streaming on Netflix. The second season recently dropped. Here’s the official description of the show from Netflix

“After a traumatic year, an Indian-American teen just wants to spruce up her social status — but friends, family and feelings won’t make it easy on her.”

It’s a coming-of-age comedy series created by The Office‘s Mindy Kaling. According to Huffington Post, Teigen was going to appear in a voiceover role on one episode of the show’s second season before she bowed out.

Gigi Hadid replaced Chrissy Teigen in ‘Never Have I Ever’

Hadid voiced the inner monologue of the character Paxton. She joined a star-studded voiceover cast that includes former tennis great John McEnroe and former SNL star Andy Samberg. These famous voices support the largely unknown but talented actors in the cast. 

The show released a statement about Teigen’s exit, according to Entertainment Weekly, stating that “Chrissy Teigen has decided to step away from a guest voiceover role in one episode of the upcoming second season of Never Have I Ever …The role is expected to be recast.” 

That statement doesn’t give a lot of detail as to why Teigen left. But anyone who’s monitored Teigen’s online activity should have no problem figuring out why she decided to leave. 

Why did Chrissy Teigen step away from ‘Never Have I Ever’?

It’s pretty clear that Teigen’s departure from the show can be tied to the bullying scandal in which she’s been involved. Teigen gained a reputation for being adept at social media, and in the past decade or so amassed a fairly loyal following via Twitter. She became known for her sassy, snarky online presence. Just as many other people have found, Teigen soon discovered that social media platforms have a long memory. 

Courtney Stodden recently highlighted Teigen’s online bullying of her when she gained notoriety for marrying a man much older than her. Teigen publicly apologized to Stodden, tweeting the following: 

“I’m mortified and sad at who I used to be. I was an insecure, attention seeking troll…I am ashamed and completely embarrassed at my behavior but that is nothing compared to how I made Courtney feel. I have tried to connect with Courtney privately but since I publicly fueled all this, I want to also publicly apologize. I’m so sorry, Courtney. I hope you can heal now knowing how deeply sorry I am.”

TMZ recently caught up with Teigen, who seemed to be more than willing to accept her “punishment” as part of what one of her Instagram posts referred to as “cancel club,” telling the paparazzi:  

“I have decided I’m not getting involved in anyone’s s**t ever again.” 

Teigen seems to be taking a break from getting involved in any new projects or being involved with social media. As to how long she’ll participate in this break, it’s anyone’s guess. 

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