New ‘Fantastic Four’ Won’t Be Anything Like the Last

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Though the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot kicked into high gear early this year with a finalized script and cast, further information about the movie’s progress has been kept under wraps ever since. Earlier this week, though, Miles Teller, one of the franchise’s stars, not only revealed more details about the film, but also made it clear that this new remake will be nothing like the last.

Based on the Marvel comic book series of the same, the upcoming film stars Teller as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara as Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm (The Thing). On the villain side, Toby Kebbell will play Doctor Doom and Tim Blake Nelson is set to play Harvey Elder a.k.a. Mole Man. Fans have yet to see any official footage or images from the Josh Trank-directed project, despite the fact that it wrapped up production in August and is scheduled to hit theaters next summer.

Equally little is known about the storyline (written by X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Simon Kinberg) or how close it will stick to the comics, although an unofficial plot synopsis released earlier this summer claimed the flick will follow the Fantastic Four as they become superheroes after a lab experiment gone wrong. According to the rumored details, the group accidentally opens a portal to another dimension in the process of the experiment and receive their powers due to exposure to this new world. At this point, though, the description remains purely speculation as nothing has been officially confirmed.

Thanks to Teller, though, fans now know at least one thing for sure: the 2015 comic book adaptation won’t be anything like the 2005 version.

As he told Vulture during a recent promotional event for another film:

It’s different in every way. All those actors were a lot older, their characters were in different places. The tone of this film is completely different… I think that [a more grounded approach] is what people are into — X-Men: First Class is doing that. You’re dealing with these characters, but you’re making them real people in how they exist day-to-day. People wanted it to be taken more seriously than the kind of Dick Tracy, kitschy, overly comic book world.

“Serious” and “grounded” might not sound like words that go hand-in-hand with a comic book film, but it seems as if Teller was trying to imply that audiences will get to see each of the characters not only in their superhero forms, but also as the individuals behind the powers (as with Mystique and Beast in First Class). Whatever he meant, it’s obvious the actor doesn’t want his version of the movie associated with the last. Who could blame him? The 2005 version, though a success commercially, was lambasted by critics at the time of its debut. The 2007 sequel, though considered a slight improvement on its predecessor, also received poor reviews.

Some are predicting the newer take is doomed for an equally grim fate, given the strange lack of promotion surrounding the film. Then again, there are several crucial differences between the two. The cast, though highly contested by some fans, is actually an interesting mix of up-and-comers, like Teller, who are right on the brink of true stardom. But perhaps even more importantly is the timing of the film. While the first Fantastic Four film came at a time when comic book movies were just starting to take off, the genre is now one of the most popular and bankable in the industry.

The flip side is that there’s also plenty of competition, as Teller himself pointed out. “It’s a big summer: You’ve got Avengers, and my buddy [Whiplash co-star J.K. Simmons] is in Terminator, and you got Jurassic World. There’s a ton of movies out there, so if people have an appetite for it, they’ll see a couple, and if not, maybe they’ll just see one,” he said.

Whether that one is Fantastic Four will largely depend on what we get to see from the movie ahead of its release. Hopefully, Fox will finally throw fans a bone and release some footage released soon rather than later.

In the meantime, Teller has plenty on his plate. His newest film, Whiplash, is out on October 10 and is already getting rave reviews. He is also a part of the Divergent franchise, with the Insurgent sequel due out in March 2015. Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters August 7, 2015, with a sequel already greenlit for 2017.

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