‘New Girl’ Actress Zooey Deschanel: What is her Net Worth?

Zooey Deschanel is best known for her portrayal of Jessica Day on the Fox hit New Girl, but by the time Deschanel took the role she certainly wasn’t a new girl in Hollywood. Deschanel has appeared in a variety of television series, movies, commercials and even in live performances with a jazz cabaret act. She also took steps to become a media mogul with a website in 2011. The industrious actress has not stopped since she stepped foot in Hollywood, and her career doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Zooey Deschanel’s big break

Born in Los Angeles to a cinematographer and an actress, Deschanel was surrounded by the film industry. While attending Crossroads, a private school in California, she became fast friends with Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson, both of whom were raised by famous parents and found their way into Hollywood.

Deschanel briefly attended Northwestern University before deciding she’d rather pursue acting. In 1998 she got her first break by appearing in Veronica’s Closet. The following year she racked up her first film credit in 1999’s Mumford. In 2000 she took on the role of Anita Miller in Almost Famous.

Through the early 2000s, Deschanel appeared in a variety of movies, including Will Farrell’s cult classic Elf, 500 Days of Summer, and Failure to Launch.

Deschanel’s salary for New Girl

Deschanel signed onto Fox’s comedy New Girl in 2011; the show premiered that September to rave reviews. In 2012 Business Insider reported that Deschanel was making roughly $95,000 a month from her role on New Girl. The figure, obtained from Deschanel’s divorce proceedings, includes earnings from the hit show’s first season.

Deschanel, at the time, also reported having nearly $1.5 million in the bank and an additional $1.5 million in stocks and investments. According to the documents, the starlet spent roughly $22,000 each month on expenses, which is still just a quarter of what she was making.

By the show’s final season Deschanel was pulling in a cool $125,000 per episode, according to E!. Deschanel’s paycheck is in stark contrast to her character’s chosen profession. On New Girl, Jessica Day was an adult educator. According to Payscale, the average adult educator makes just $24.79 per hour or about $40,000 per year.

The founding and sale of HellloGiggles

In 2011 Deschanel was working steadily, but she took the time to invest in a startup with two long-time friends. Deschanel, with producer Sophia Rivka Rossi and TV writer Molly McAleer, began HelloGiggles as a platform for women to connect positively. The website offered style and entertainment content.

In 2015 Deschanel and her partners sold the startup to Time Inc. The deal was reportedly worth $30 million. According to The Los Angeles Times, the deal hinged on key performance numbers.

Deschanel’s net worth and future projects

According to recent estimates, Deschanel is worth around $25 million. Her next announced role is in Sister-in-Law, a comedy film. The movie has been announced, but no further production details are available.

For now, Deschanel is working on her music and living a quiet life with her husband, Jacob Pechenik. Pechenik and Deschanel share two children. Deschanel has released six studio albums and has worked as part of a jazz cabaret act.

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