‘New Girl’: Nick Miller Has The Best Friends Ever

New Girl follows the lives of four friends as they navigate their late 20s in Los Angeles. At the start, heartbroken Jess Day moves into an apartment with three guys she finds on the internet. Nick Miller, Schmidt, and Coach are residing in the loft together when she shows up. Throughout several seasons, a lot changes, but one fact remains; the foursome lives in an incredibly spacious loft. While Jess, Coach, Schmidt, and later Winston can all seemingly swing the rent when it’s divided up, Nick is an outlier. There is no way he can afford his portion of the lease. Either Nick has a side hustle viewers are never aware of, or he has the best friends in the world!

How much would Nick’s rent have cost?

For a part-time bartender (when the series begins), Nick is living pretty well. The spacious loft he shares with his friends, complete with rooftop deck, is well appointed. Even with the problems, like faulty plumbing, the loft he resides in would cost a pretty penny.

First off, it’s allegedly located in a very trendy district in Los Angeles. Second, it’s enormous. A space similar to the loft would rent for about $7,500 per month, according to Money. Thankfully, Nick isn’t trying to swing the rent on his own. In most seasons, Nick is splitting the rent with three other people. Still, Nick would need to come up with more than $1,800 per month for his portion.

That figure is for just rent. Nick also has a car, meaning he needs to shell out at least $150 per month just to keep insurance on his beat-up vehicle. Utilities, a cell phone bill, and incidentals would put his monthly output at around $2,500 per month.

How much would Nick make as a part-time bartender?

Nick wasn’t exactly known for his work ethic. It took him the entirety of the series to finally sit down a write a novel. While his literary pursuits were successful, his primary job during the early seasons of the series was as a bartender. Now, bartenders can make good money. A bartender’s income from a busy bar can easily sustain most lifestyles, but the bar Nick worked in was pretty run down, and more often than not, his pals were the only patrons.

If we assume Nick was making minimum wage, even as a part-timer, he was likely not making more than $11 per hour. The money he made in tips from the often quiet location probably didn’t buoy his income much. According to Glassdoor, the average bartender, who works part-time, only manages to pull in around $21,000 each year. Even if he pulled in another $1,000 a month in tips (unlikely), Nick would barely be able to cover his rent.

Odds are Schmidt is covering a lot of Nick’s bills

Nick might not be financially stable, but Schmidt is. As everyone knows, Schmidt loves Nick way more than Nick love Schmidt. To make the numbers work, viewers need to assume Schmidt is covering  Nick’s portion of the rent, at least for the series’ first couple of seasons.

Jake Johnson as Nick Miller, Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day and Max Greenfield as Schmidt in 'New Girl'
Jake Johnson as Nick Miller, Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day and Max Greenfield as Schmidt in ‘New Girl’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

His other friends come in and save him financially a few times, too. Everyone chips in to help him get an ultrasound. Jess’s boyfriend gives him a cellphone, and the entire apartment is furnished by Schmidt. In short, Nick has the best friends ever. Not only do they offer him unconditional love, but they appear to be floating him financially for the majority of the series, too.