How Will the New ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Series On Disney+ Be Different From the Original?

Were you a fan of the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire growing up? If you’re a millennial, chances are, the answer to this is a resounding “yes.” After all, the early ’00s pre-teen comedy was a favorite amongst the demographic.

Hilary Duff at D23 EXPO 2019
Hilary Duff at D23 EXPO 2019 | The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images

In case you haven’t heard, there’s good news. Hilary Duff will reprise her role in an upcoming revival of the show, also titled Lizzie McGuire, on the Disney+ streaming service. Here’s what we know so far, including how it will be different from the original.

‘Lizzie McGuire’ aired on Disney Channel in the early ’00s

In case you need a refresher, Lizzie McGuire starred Duff as the eponymous character, a young adolescent navigating the waters of junior high alongside her best friends, Miranda (Lalaine) and Gordo (Adam Lamberg). Supporting her at home were her parents and her pesky little brother, Matt (Jake Thomas).

Lizzie was meant to be your average preteen. She had an enemy in popular girl Kate (Ashlie Brillault), a crush on the athletic Ethan (Clayton Snyder), and plenty of struggles to deal with, from gym class to dating. What makes Lizzie different is her imagination: Her life is narrated by an animated version of herself, who sometimes gets in her way.

Star Hilary Duff went on to have a successful career

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Since Lizzie McGuire came to a close 15 years ago, Duff has been busy. She continued to put out albums like Metamorphosis and star in films such as A Cinderella Story. However, it took her about a decade to find another solid TV role.

Enter Younger, the TV Land hit that’s now in its sixth season. Duff portrays Kelsey Peters, a successful, driven editor at a publishing house in New York. This more adult role has brought the actress a new set of fans while reintroducing her former audience to her in a different light.

‘Lizzie McGuire’ will return on Disney+

Fans of the series got a big surprise at D23 on Aug. 24, 2019. During the presentation for the upcoming streaming service Disney+, it was announced that not only was Lizzie McGuire returning, but Hilary Duff would be reprising her role as the heroine.

Duff was very excited to return to the role. She told the crowd that the revival will see the same character living in New York City and working at “her dream job.” Additionally, the animated Lizzie will be back in all of her teenage glory.

What Duff is saying about how the new series will be different

That’s right: This is a grown-up Lizzie we’re remeeting. Duff told People and Entertainment Weekly that it’s “the right time” for the show to come back, as Lizzie is turning 30, just like many of her original fans. And she’s dealing with all of the same kinds of stressors they are.

Lizzie is living in the Big Apple as the apprentice to “a fancy New York City decorator,” said Duff. “But she still hasn’t totally found her way, and that’s going to be part of the journey.” Duff said that while Lizzie was very into fashion, it seemed “too obvious” to make her a part of that world right away.

Will any of the old cast members return?

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The biggest question on most fans’ minds is not what Lizzie’s career will be, it’s who she’ll be spending time with in Lizzie McGuire. Will Miranda, Gordo, and Lizzie still be BFFs? Will Kate and Ethan be around? Is she close with Matt now?

“The whole cast is such a big part of the show,” said Duff when asked about this. “And I think we have a lot of surprises in store for viewers.” Given that Duff says that Lizzie won’t be staying in New York for very long (likely leaving in the first episode), we think that means that she’s going to run into some familiar faces very quickly.

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