New Netflix Series to Watch in December 2018: What’s on the Streaming Service This Month

Fuller House

Fuller House is coming back to Netflix in December | Netflix

The busy holiday season is upon us. Endless shopping, decorating, partying, cooking, eating, and merry-making has arrived. Don’t forget to add Netflix binge-watching to your list.

There is no better way to unwind after a long, stressful day than curled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket in front of the television. Netflix is providing the ultimate gift this year with countless streaming options to keep you and all of your guests happy this month. Don’t miss the highly anticipated release of Avengers: Infinity Wars or cult classic favorite, The Big Lebowski. Grab a big bowl of popcorn, sit back and relax, and check out what is coming to Netflix in December.

Top 5 Netflix original movies being released in December 2018

Netflix is releasing 64 original movies and shows in December. Here are a few on the must-see list:

  1. Roma – Oscar buzz is surrounding this film that tells the story of a family in Mexico in the early ’70s (12/14)
  2. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle – This impressive remake of The Jungle Book was intended for theaters but Netflix purchased the rights. Features Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Benedict Cumberbatch. (12/7)
  3. Bird BoxSandra Bullock and John Malkovich star in this dystopian thriller (12/18)
  4. Dumplin’ – A musical comedy featuring Jennifer Aniston as a former beauty queen whose daughter signs up for a pageant out of spite (12/7)
  5. Battle – One of the best dance movies on Netflix (12/1)

Top 5 Netflix original series being released in December 2018

  1. Hi Score Girl – Anime series featuring a gamer that meets his unlikely match (12/24)
  2. Dogs of Berlin (Season 1) – The search for a German soccer player’s killer (12/7)
  3. Fuller House (Season 4) – America’s favorite family is back for another season (12/14)
  4. 3 Below: Tales of Arcadia – Second installment of Guillermo del Toro’s animated project. This time there is aliens instead of trolls. (12/21)
  5. The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot (Season 2) – Web-based comic series from Korea (12/3)

“Oldies but goodies” movies coming to Netflix in December

Netflix is bringing some classic movies to the small screen in December. These “Oldies but Goodies” are sure to entertain the whole family.

  1. 8 Mile – Drama surrounding Detroit’s Hip Hop culture, starring Eminem (12/1)
  2. Meet Joe Black – Romantic Fantasy Film with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins (12/1)
  3. The Big Lebowski – Celebrate 20 years of “The Dude” with this cult classic favorite (12/1)
  4. Terminator Salvation – Christian Bale keeps the franchise going as John Connor (12/1)
  5. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs3D computer-animated comedy (12/1)

Need a good laugh? Check out the comedies coming to Netflix in December

If you are looking for a good laugh, tune into one of the many comedies that are coming to Netflix in December. The stress of the holiday season will quickly disappear.

  1. Friday and Friday After Next – Stoner Christmas comedy starring Ice Cube and Mike Epps (12/1)
  2. Shaun of the Dead – Fan favorite romantic zombie comedy (12/1)
  3. Baby Mama – Romantic comedy starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (12/16)
  4. Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable – Netflix Original Special (12/18)
  5. The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From a Mythical Man (12/31)

Music-related programs coming to Netflix in December

If you can’t make it out to a live concert this holiday season, check out the music-related programs coming to Netflix in December.

  1. Michael Jackson’s This Is It – Documentary about Jackson’s anticipated comeback tour in London (12/10)
  2. Springsteen on Broadway – Netflix Original Special – Springsteen shares his stories and his music (12/16)

Films being released to Netflix on Christmas (12/25/18)

Once all the gifts are unwrapped on Christmas morning, sit back and enjoy these gifts from Netflix.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War  – The Disney Exclusive film is the most anticipated Netflix release of December
  2. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Season 11) CNN original series that follows Bourdain as he travels to exotic locations
  3. Watership Down – An animated Netflix Original 4-part miniseries produced with the BBC

Netflix original specials to keep the holiday spirit alive

There is no better way to keep the holiday spirit alive than watching the Netflix Original Holiday Specials that are coming in December.

  1. Free Rein: The Twelve Nights of Christmas (12/7)
  2. Nailed It! Holiday! (12/7)
  3. Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas (12/7)
  4. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale (12/14)
  5. Prince of Peoria: A Christmas Moose Miracle (12/14)

So, whether you want to laugh, cry, or get in the holiday spirit, Netflix in December has everything you need.