This New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Footage Has Major Implications

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now less than a month away. A theatrical trailer was released in October, but since then, Lucasfilm has also been airing TV spots. Some aren’t that significant, but some actually contain brand new footage.

Now, a new commercial for the film has just aired on television. Although a lot of the footage is recycled, there’s one bit in it that has some major implications. Here’s a look at why the new The Last Jedi TV spot is so crucial.

1. In the main trailer, Rey asks someone to show her her place

Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. | Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm released the main theatrical trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Oct. 9. The story that’s told in it is that Rey goes to Luke and hopes for help and training. But he is too afraid of failing again, so he rejects her. Rey ends up more lost and confused than ever.

Then, the trailer concludes with a close-up of Rey as she delivers the line, “I need someone to show me my place in all this.”

The way the trailer is edited, we’re obviously meant to conclude that this happens after her experiences with Luke, and she presumably means she needs someone other than Luke to help her. But it’s what follows this line that shocked everyone. 

2. Kylo Ren extends his hand to Rey after she says this

Kylo Ren extends his hand in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Kylo Ren extends his hand in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. | Lucasfilm

Immediately after Rey says that she needs someone to show her her place, the next shot is Kylo Ren extending his hand.

This is obviously a jaw-dropping moment, as it implies that Rey goes to Kylo Ren for help. That suggests that she could be tempted to fall to the Dark Side. The trailer immediately cuts to a very sinister rendition of the Star Wars theme, so we’re definitely supposed to feel uneasy about this development.

Granted, we don’t actually see Rey taking Kylo Ren’s hand in the trailer, but the implication that she’s asking the villain for help is a gutsy note to end the trailer on.

3. For weeks, fans have debated whether Rey was talking to Kylo Ren at all

Kylo Ren in holds and stares at his helmet.

Fans debated who Rey was talking to. | Lucasfilm

But wait, when Rey says “I need someone to show me my place in all this,” is she actually talking to Kylo Ren? That’s what we’re meant to believe based on the editing. Plus, the lightning in both shots seems roughly the same. It’s pretty clear that viewers are supposed to watch the trailer and leave with the impression that there’s a scene where Rey goes to Kylo Ren, asks for his help, and he offers it.

Still, there were some fans who insisted that Rey was talking to Luke when she said that. The theory was that this “show me my place in all this” line is just a part of Rey asking Luke for his help at the beginning of the movie, and the trailer was deceptively edited, with two scenes in totally different parts of the film being spliced together to mislead us.

Among other pieces of evidence, those who supported this theory pointed to the fact that Rey’s voice sounds a bit echoey as if she’s in the cave on Ach-To. But everyone assumed that we wouldn’t find out for sure who Rey was talking to until the movie came out.

4. A new TV spot confirms she’s talking to Luke, not Kylo Ren

For once, fans who spent weeks analyzing lightning and sound design were not reading into things too much. As it turns out, Rey really was asking Luke to show her her place, and the main trailer was a lie.

On Nov. 16, ABC aired a new TV spot for The Last Jedi. In it, there’s a shot of Rey telling Luke, “Kylo failed you. I won’t.” This is clearly taking place in a cave on Ahch-To, and based on the dialogue alone, there’s no ambiguity about who she’s talking to.

Looking at these two shots side by side, it becomes evident that this new clip is from the same scene in which Rey says “I need someone to show me my place in all this.” This confirms that Rey saying she needs help takes place in a completely different sequence as Kylo Ren extending his hand. 

5. Kylo Ren might still be extending his hand to Rey

The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Lucasfilm

We have a lot to think about. | GiphyOne question still remains: Who is Kylo Ren extending his hand to in the original trailer? Now that we know the editing was deceptive, it could be anyone. It could even be Luke Skywalker himself.

However, it still seems likely that Kylo is extending his hand to Rey. It’s just that the context in which he does so will be a lot different in the movie than in the trailer. After all, The Force Awakens already featured a scene in which Kylo offers to be Rey’s teacher and to show her the ways of the Force. Plus, the way the cast and crew have been speaking about The Last Jedi in interviews, it sure sounds like Kylo and Rey team up or at least don’t have a traditional hero-versus-villain dynamic.

In addition, director Rian Johnson suggested in a recent interview that nothing in the trailer is meant to be an intentional misdirect. This suggests that The Last Jedi’s trailer still communicates the fundamental conflict behind the movie, even if the literal arrangement of scenes is changed around.  

6. Rey might not be as easily swayed towards the dark side as we thought

Rey walks holding her weapon alongside a cliff.

She’s going to be the heroine we want her to be. | Lucasfilm

Even if Kylo Ren is still extending his hand to Rey in that scene, we now have to doubt whether she’ll be tempted by his offer. The original context in the trailer was that she is lost and confused and therefore suspectable to Kylo Ren’s invitation to join him.

But now, the context in which he extends his hand is a complete mystery. If it’s to Rey, for all we know, she flatly rejects him just like she did in The Force Awakens. Fans, therefore, have to reevaluate their theories about Rey being tempted to the Dark Side since the main piece of evidence of that is this scene in the trailer.

It does seem that Rey might end up at odds with Luke Skywalker. He appears to be quite angry with her in the trailer, at one point telling her that “this is not going to go the way you think.” But just because she doesn’t get along with Luke doesn’t necessarily suggest that she turns to the dark side. 

7. If that was a misdirect, what else is?

Carrie Fisher as Leia

Carrie Fisher as Leia | Lucasfilm

This revelation is also significant because it confirms that Lucasfilm is being at least a little deceptive in its marketing. Naturally, this begs the question: If the Kylo Ren and Rey scene from the trailer was a misdirect, what else was? There’s now some doubt about if many of the scenes presented to us in the marketing happen in a totally different context in the film.

One that comes to mind is the shot in the theatrical trailer of Kylo Ren wrestling with whether to shoot down Leia’s ship. Can we even be sure that she’s on that ship at all and this isn’t another case of tricky editing? When Snoke tells someone about their “raw, untamed power,” we assume he’s talking to Kylo Ren. But what if he’s talking to Rey? When Luke speaks to someone about being scared of raw strength, we assume he’s talking to Rey. But what if he’s talking to someone else, like Yoda’s Force ghost?

In short, even fans who have devoured all of the trailers for The Last Jedi might know a lot less about the movie than they think, which is certainly an exciting prospect.

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