5 New Video Game Rumors: Vice City in ‘GTA Online’?

You may not have noticed, but video games are quite popular these days. The video game industry is a secretive one — companies wait for just the right time to announce new games and hardware in hopes of making the biggest splash possible. On the other hand, fans want to know everything that’s coming down the line as soon as they can. In that kind of environment, video game leaks and rumors are bound to trickle out.

This week, we’ve uncovered rumors and leaks ranging from Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console to how the team that made BioShock fell apart. Read on to see which items you’ll be most excited about if they turn out to be true.

1. Will Grand Theft Auto Online get expansions?

The antihero of Grand Theft Auto 3 walks away from his car in Liberty City.
There are rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto Online this week  | Rockstar Games

Based on Grand Theft Auto IV, most players expected GTA V to get some single-player expansions after launch. But since GTA V came out three years ago and Rockstar hasn’t announced anything, that doesn’t appear likely.

According to an unsubstantiated rumorGTA V was supposed to get single-player downloadable content (DLC), but the runaway success of the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V led Rockstar to nix it. Since they’re making a fortune with micro-transactions in Online, why would they devote resources to DLC many players won’t buy?

The rumor goes on to suggest Rockstar is currently working on DLC that will significantly expand GTA Online, with some of it coming out as late as 2020. Rumored expansions in the works include memorable locales from previous GTA games, like San Fierro and Las Venturas from GTA: San Andreas and Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto III and IV. Who knows if any of this is true, but it would certainly make GTA Online players happy.

2. Will the Nintendo Switch be flooded with accessories?

Nintendo Switch in base station
The Nintendo Switch may come with a lot of add-on accessories | Nintendo

If you live in a household littered with Wii remotes, nunchucks, Wii steering wheels, and Wii MotionPlus add-ons, it will come as no surprise that Nintendo likes to sell accessories for its gaming consoles. In an interview with Bloomberg, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said that the company is working on an “array” of accessories for the upcoming Nintendo Switch console.

Indeed, in the device’s reveal trailer, you can see that accessories would fit in just fine with the console, thanks to its removable controllers. All you’d have to do is take off the stock “Joy-Cons,” as Nintendo is calling them, and replace them with accessories that could be game-specific, or more widely usable. It seems like an obvious way for Nintendo to keep raking in money from Switch customers.

3. Rumors emerge about the Nintendo Switch screen

'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' on Nintendo Switch
More is to be revealed soon about the Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

Speaking of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo says it will reveal much more about the console in January. Until then, we’re left to theorize about things like its specs and launch lineup. As for the specs, Eurogamer has a few anonymous sources willing to comment. (This is the site whose sources nailed so much about the Switch months before Nintendo unveiled it, so this is about as reliable as sources get.)

According to the sources, the Switch will have a 6.2-inch screen with 720p resolution. The screen will also support capacitive multi-touch, like an iPhone or iPad. If true, this would be a big improvement over the touchscreens on Nintendo’s previous products. The Wii U and 3DS had “resistive” touchscreens, which were less precise than capacitive screens, and all but required a stylus.

4. Will the Switch support MicroSD cards?

MicroSD card hidden in a coin-shaped case
The Nintendo Switch might come with expandable memory | Amazon

Another reporter with a great track record for Nintendo leaks is Laura Dale at Let’s Play Video Games. According to her, you’ll probably be able to expand the amount of memory that comes in the Nintendo Switch by inserting a MicroSD card up to 128GB in size. This info is based on a Nintendo source who says that’s how the development model of the Switch works. It’s possible the final version of the hardware will have different specs, but at least for now, it looks like 128GB is all the memory you’ll be able to add to the machine.

5. An inside account of 2K Games’ questionable decisions

Cover art for Bioshock Infinite.
The company responsible for the Bioshock series may not have made the best decisions | 2K Games

Who doesn’t love a juicy rant from an (alleged) former employee? That’s what we got this week in a recent article on Hacker Noon by someone claiming to be an anonymous former employee of Irrational Games, the company best known for the BioShock series.

According to the article, Irrational Games was a successful mid-sized indie development studio until the market changed, forcing Irrational to seek a publisher to buy it. 2K Games wound up being that publisher. But thanks to an apparently long line of questionable decisions detailed in the article, the developer formerly known as Irrational Games has become a husk of the company it once was. Check out the full story if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of game development.