New ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff Puts Zombies on a Plane

Source: AMC

Source: AMC

The Walking Dead universe is about to expand once again, this time with a web series spinoff. AMC has just announced plans to premiere Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, an airplane-themed offshoot of the network’s freshman companion series Fear The Walking Dead, on its website this October.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will center around the same basic premise of the companion series its based on, chronicling the early beginnings of the outbreak that’s plaguing society. But as the title suggests, the show will take place on a commercial plane this time around, following the chaos and turmoil that ensues after passenger is discovered to be infected with the virus early on in the flight.

Unsurprisingly, the show will share much of its same creative team with Fear the Walking Dead. Fear’s L. Signorino and Mike Zunic will write Flight 462, and its producers Dave Erickson and David Wiener will also be involved in the new project. Meanwhile, Fear’s director of photography Michael McDonough has signed on to helm the new digital series.

With so many members from Fear the Walking Dead‘s production team on board, it’s no surprise that Flight 426 is expected to have strong ties to its predecessor. So exactly how important will the travel-themed story actually be to the Fear the Walking Dead? Let’s just say that those thinking they already spend enough zombie-filled hours with The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead might want to think twice about missing the upcoming web series. As AMC recently revealed, Flight 462 will actually have direct repercussions on Fear‘s second season and a surviving passenger from the web show will actually join the Fear the Walking Dead cast when the latter returns next year.

Given the success that AMC has had with The Walking Dead universe so far, it’s easy to see why the network would want to to pursue another spinoff, albeit in a web-only format. The Walking Dead remains one of the most widely watched dramas on television, while Fear the Walking Dead set a cable television ratings record with its series premiere in August. With both shows only continuing to rise in popularity, it’s no wonder that the channel is interested in exploring the world in a new context — in this case, an airplane-set one.

As EW explains, Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will consist of 16 installments, all of which will reportedly be less than a minute long. The web series is set to premiere on on October 4 – which also happens to be the same day that the Fear the Walking Dead season one finale airs, so fans won’t have to wait any time at all in between the two shows.

If you can’t catch it online, Flight 462 will also be broadcast in short clips during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead’s highly anticipated, upcoming season six, which is set to kick off on October 11.

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