New Zealand Ambassador to South Korea Confirmed BTS Filmed ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’

BTS reportedly filmed season four of 'BTS: Bon Voyage'
BTS | Ken Ishii/Getty Images

As soon as BTS was spotted arriving at the Incheon International Airport with cameras, fans suspected the group would film a new season of BTS: Bon Voyage. The members of BTS posted photos in New Zealand to their shared Twitter account and fans’ suspicions grew even more. On Sept. 23, a New Zealand ambassador to South Korea confirmed BTS filmed the fourth season of BTS: Bon Voyage.

ARMY already suspected the group filmed ‘BTS: Bon Voyage

Because BTS is often spotted everywhere they travel, a fan saw Jin at an airport in New Zealand. A photo circulated on Twitter for a few hours, but was later deleted. Still, fans knew where BTS was filming their new project before BTS even tweeted their location. Because BTS previously said they would like to travel to New Zealand for BTS: Bon Voyage, fans suspected that was the reason for the trip.

“An army saw Seokjin in Auckland airport yesterday. So BTS is in New Zealand now and they might filming BON VOYAGE Season 4,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

BTS shared photos while in New Zealand

As soon as BTS arrived in New Zealand, members posted photos while exploring the outdoors. Philip Turner, a New Zealand ambassador to South Korea, shared a photo of Jin to his own Twitter account and seemingly confirmed everything fans suspected.

The ambassador tweeted, “Great news for all #BTS fans! superstar BTS seems to have visited New Zealand’s South Island to shoot their travel program ‘Bon Voyage’…”

With the filming of BTS: Bon Voyage confirmed, fans celebrated on Twitter. Even though fans were near certain that’s what BTS filmed in New Zealand, it was nice for fans to have confirmation.

“Finally New Zealand ambassador to the Korea exposed that @BTS_twt filmed BV4 in New Zealand,” wrote a Twitter user.

Some fans feigned surprise at the news.

“I am shocked. Completely stunned. Bamboozled. Didn’t call that at all. This is completely out of nowhere. It came from left field. Wow I am surprised this is insane………,” a fan joked.

Fans are excited for the upcoming season of ‘BTS: Bon Voyage

As the news spread throughout Twitter, BTS fans expressed their excitement for the fourth season of BTS: Bon Voyage. BTS filmed the third season of the reality show in Malta and the second season in Hawaii, so New Zealand provides BTS and fans with new experiences.

“we getting bon voyage 4… meaning we’re gonna get to see seokjin show off his snowboarding skills…,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“New Zealand is such a beautiful country Bon Voyage 4 is gonna so aesthetic omg,” another wrote.

BTS already arrived back in South Korea

BTS arrived safely back in South Korea on Sept. 24. Before BTS left for New Zealand, the group enjoyed an extended vacation for the first time since their debut. With an unconfirmed album and performances already expected, it seems like BTS’s schedule will once again be full. After the group arrived back in South Korea, fans were happy to see the group still appeared rested.

“Bts coming back from their trip looking happy, healthy, and content? Yes,” a fan tweeted.

ARMY was also excited to see Jungkook did not cut his hair while in New Zealand. This means that for the fourth season of BTS: Bon Voyage, Jungkook will have the long hair that fans love.