When Does the Next Episode of ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’ Premiere?

Whether you snatched a Conspiracy Palette or not, Shane Dawson fans shared their excitement for upcoming episodes of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. How many episodes are left in this YouTube documentary series? When does the next Shane Dawson video come out? Here’s what we know.

Jeffree Star attends the 3rd Annual RuPaul's DragCon
Jeffree Star attends the 3rd Annual RuPaul’s DragCon | Photo by Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star gave viewers an inside look at the beauty industry, thanks to their documentary series

We love tea from Shane Dawson and his friends. This fall, the YouTube celebrity posted six episodes of his documentary series, entitled The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.

The premiere of each video earned Shane Dawson a spot in YouTube’s top trending list, earning millions of views in a matter of hours. When the YouTuber launched his merchandise collection, everything completely sold out. When the Conspiracy Collection dropped on Nov. 1, fans crashed the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, each looking to get their hands on the Conspiracy Palette.

There’s one more episode in Shane Dawson’s series, ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’

The YouTuber periodically updated viewers on the future and the finale of this series. Recently, fans learned that there is only one episode left in the series, which Shane Dawson and Andrew Siwicki are currently editing. Because Jeffree Star’s Killer Merch is restocking Shane Dawson’s merchandise store for Black Friday, the final episode will presumably premiere on YouTube within the upcoming weeks.

“Sorry it’s taken a while but we just needed some time to figure out how to end it right and give u guys everything we promised. thank you for supporting us this year and making this the best year of our lives,” Shane Dawson wrote as an update on YouTube.

The same day, Shane Dawson tweeted, “working on the last episode of the Jeffree series now. I don’t [want to] give a day ’cause I don’t [want to] disappoint anyone if it’s not ready in time, but just know me and Andrew are working our hardest to make it good and to end it right.”

Fans have mixed reactions about the fate of this Shane Dawson YouTube series

With only one episode left in The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, some fans are left wanting more from the YouTuber. During the trailer for the documentary series, Shane Dawson teased Jeffree Star’s perspective on the drama between him and James Charles. There were clips of Shane Dawson and his fiancé, Ryland Adams, dialing 911. For some fans, this series focused too much on the products that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star were selling.

“Disappointed in this series. I thought it was going to be all about the world of Jeffree Star. His life is insane and I would have loved to have seen everything that went on this past year. This felt like it was nothing more than a huge promotion for your palette,” said one Twitter user. “Not trying to say I haven’t enjoyed this series because I definitely have. I just feel like it was labeled as something it’s not and if I’m being honest I feel lied to.”

“I hate to agree but I do,” replied another Twitter user. “The series is called ‘The beautiful world of Jeffree Star,’ and, of course, we’ve seen the makeup/business part of his life but there’s so much more. The Shane palette is stunning, but I wish we’d get more info about the beauty community/industry.”

Episodes of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star are available for viewing on Shane Dawson’s YouTube Channel