‘The Purge’ TV Series: Watch A Shocking Exclusive Clip From Episode 3

USA’s The Purge is quickly getting darker and more disturbing. The television series which is based upon the beloved film franchise follows several characters living in dystopian America which is ruled by a totalitarian political party, Over the course of a 12-hour period each year, all crime including murder is legal. This blood-filled holiday forces each character to confront their morality and humanity. Two episodes into the series, Episode 3, “The Urge to Purge” dives even deeper into our cast of characters as the clock continue to wind down.

Thus far, we’ve seen Rick and Jenna (Colin Woodell and Hannah Anderson) trying to make a name for themselves at an elite party of pro-purgers. Jane (Amanda Warren), a businesswoman is trying to say alive at work, but one decision might cost her everything. Former Marine Miguel (Gabriel Chavarria) is still on the hunt for his sister Penelope (Jessica Garza)) who is now caught up with the death cult, The Givers; a group of crazed Purge worshippers.

As we press forward into the series, more details about the characters lives are revealed as they desperately attempt to beat this terrifying game of death.  The 10-hour television event is forcing us all to examine our own views about violence, greed, and selfishness.

The Purge

The Purge | USA Network

In an exclusive clip for The Cheat Sheet, from “The Urge to Purge” we see Penelope (Jessica Garza), or “Goddess Penny” as she’s called, on the bus preparing for her sacrifice. As a member of The Givers, she’s seated in a parked bus swarmed by Purge participants. Penelope seems eager at first to be willingly murdered. However, after watching her good friend Melissa ‘s destruction in Episode 2, “Take What’s Yours,” we’re not so sure she’s ready to give her life to The Invisible.

Check out the exclusive clip below. 

The Purge airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network

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