Nick Jonas’ Christmas Gift to Priyanka Chopra Proves He’s So In Love With Her

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, and they still seem more in love than ever. The two spent Christmas together both in the snow and on the sand, and they spared no expense in purchasing each other exciting Christmas gifts. But Jonas’ gift to Chopra was outside the box, and the thoughtfulness shows how much he cares about her.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for John Varvatos

Jonas and Chopra have been married for just over a year

This couple surprised everyone when they became engaged after only a few months of dating. Chopra first caught Jonas’ attention back in 2016, and after he slid into her DMs, the two became friends. They attended the Met Gala together in 2017, though they were not yet dating. But by May 2018, it was clear there was something happening between the two. They attended a baseball game together as well as the Met Gala for a second time. And it soon became known that they were dating.

By August 2018, the two were engaged, and they planned a massive, luxurious wedding ceremony in a few short months. In December 2018, the two were married in India, Chopra’s native country.  

The couple recently spent Christmas together in two very different places

Jonas and Chopra have spent as much time together as possible since they tied the knot. Chopra has attended as many of Jonas’ concerts as she could; Jonas has been on the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins Tour since August. Though she has returned to India without him a few times since they wed, they make the most of their time together when they have it.

For Christmas, Jonas and Chopra first spent time in chilly winter weather on Mammoth Mountain in California. Then, they traded in the snow for the sand and have since been finishing out the year in paradise (though they have not disclosed where they are).   

Jonas surprised his wife with a snowmobile — something thoughtful and different

Jonas’ gift to Chopra was something outside the box, and it showed that he truly cares about her interests. Often times, men surprise the women in their lives with jewelry (not that we’re hating on that), but Jonas went for something completely different this year. He surprised his wife with a snow mobile. It’s likely that Chopra either dropped a hint, or he knew that she loves spending time in the snow. Either way, it was a gesture that clearly took some thought and preparation in terms of picking out the perfect one. And it only made it clear that these two are super in love (and also super fun).

Fans can’t help but wonder when the two will start a family

Chopra and Jonas have made it clear that they want a family. But they haven’t yet said when they plan to do so, and fans can’t wait. Some thought the two would announce a pregnancy shortly after their marriage, but with Chopra’s acting career and Jonas’ band making a major comeback, that didn’t prove to be the case. Many think that the two will start a family once Jonas finishes his tour in February. Either way, whenever it happens, we’ll be so excited for the happy couple.