Nick Jonas Reveals Why He Had A Look of Panic Instead of Joy When He Woke Up to Priyanka’s Puppy Gift

The Jonas Brothers are still on the road with their “Happiness Begins” tour, much to the delight of their sold-out crowds. Being on the road often takes the trio away from their wives, so the couples find creative ways to keep romance alive.

Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Jo Bros, recently received an early anniversary gift from his wife Priyanka Chopra when he was on a short break from his tour. Naturally, Chopra wanted to share her hubby’s priceless reaction when he saw what she selected for him.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas | Steve Granitz/WireImage

Quite a wake-up call

Last month, Chopra wanted to get Jonas something special for their first anniversary. Making a very unique selection, Chopra decided to spring the surprise on him a little early.

Posting the reveal on Instagram, Jonas is seen being woken up in their bed by an adorable German Shepherd puppy wearing a white bow. “so much cute in the same frame. 😂🐶❤ happy almost anniversary baby,” Chopra posted alongside the video of Jonas’ first meeting with the pup.

Jonas posted the video as well, along with a shout out to his wife for the ingenious gift. “Pri came home with the absolute best surprise this morning. Please meet our new pup @ginothegerman,” he wrote on Instagram. “I haven’t stopped smiling since I woke up this morning and finally realized what was going on. Thank you @priyankachopra.”

Surprised or scared?

While the video posted by the couple showed Jonas clearly welcoming the puppy – whom they named Gino – one couldn’t help but notice that Jonas’ expression was a bit alarmed. But apparently, there was a reason for his nervous reception. “There’s a backstory as to why I woke up in a panic,” Jonas told USA Today.

Jonas went on to reveal that his wife was coming back from a trip that morning, and he had planned on welcoming her at the door with an early cup of coffee. Sadly, his plan hit a glitch since he and his visiting mother-in law “stayed up talking about my wife for quite some time. And it’s both of our favorite subject. It was kind of late when I went to bed.” Meaning, Jonas didn’t wake up for the caffeinated welcome-home for his wife.

Ergo, his jittery look on the Instagram video “wasn’t because there was a dog that I didn’t know on top of me. It was because I realized I didn’t greet her at the door,” he said.

Sibling rivalry

The couple had spoken of adopting a four-legged family member before Chopra’s gifting. “I had mentioned it two weeks prior to when she had actually gotten the puppy for me,” Jonas revealed, according to People. “We were talking about this new house that we got and how we’re really excited to move in and everything else, and I said ‘Now we can get a German Shepard’ and she thought I knew somehow about the surprise.”

The Jo Bro star recently revealed that Gino wasn’t welcomed with open arms (or paws) by everyone at home. Apparently, there has been some friction between Gino and Chopra’s dog Diana, where the two canines are vying for social media followers. “We put both our dogs on Instagram and Diana’s been on Instagram for about a year and a half, and Gino, he doubled her followers in a day,” Jonas shared, according to People. “She was not happy about that.”

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Morning cuddle puddle with daddy.

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Gino’s account – @ginothegerman – already has over 330,000 followers. Diana (@diariesofdiana) is just shy of 150K.

Despite the canine competition, Gino is now a thriving, full-fledged member of the Jonas/Chopra family. Hopefully, Diana will learn to accept her new sibling or post more compelling content to increase her follower count.