Nick Jonas: Why He’ll Be a Great Coach on ‘The Voice’

Nick Jonas is joining The Voice as a coach in Season 18. Ahead, learn why we think the 27-year-old member of the Jonas Brothers will be a great coach. 

The singer, actor (His next movie, Midway, is due out in November.), and cigar aficionado announced yesterday he’d be joining The Voice in Season 18 as a coach, taking over for Gwen Stefani, who will be departing after this season of the competition. See how the No Doubt singer used Blake Shelton’s signature move, the finger point, in a recent episode of the show. 

Here’s his announcement: 

And here’s how the coaches reacted to the news of Jonas joining the show: 

We weren’t surprised to learn of Stefani’s exit from The Voice — after all, she’s never been a coach for two successive seasons and previously voiced her concerns about joining the show at all — plus, she’s got a grueling schedule ahead of her with a Las Vegas residency starting soon. Although we were surprised to learn that Jonas would be sitting in Stefani’s vacant red chair next season. 

Jonas hinted at a big announcement on social media before announcing the news. He shared a video on his Instagram, which prompted a response from Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson, who will be his fellow coaches in Season 18 of The Voice.

Why Nick Jonas will be a great coach on ‘The Voice’

Once the surprise wore off about Jonas being the next coach on The Voice, we started thinking about why the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor will be a great addition to the coaches already on the show. 

First, he’s been successful on his own. Jonas had a hit song with 2014’s “Jealous” followed by his solo album, Last Year Was Complicated, in 2016. The lead single, “Close,” is the most popular track from the album. 

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Second, he’s been successful as part of a group, the Jonas Brothers, with his older siblings, Joe and Kevin Jonas. They reunited last year to release their first album in a decade, Happiness Begins, and have hits from the album including “Cool” and “Sucker.” 

Jonas’s experience as a solo artist as well as a member of a band will be the carrot he can dangle in front of The Voice contestants when they’re deciding which coach to pick. Undoubtedly, he’ll say it sets him apart from his fellow coaches. Plus, he’ll be able to say he’s been in their shoes, trying to make it as a teen or young adult in the music industry.

The Jonas Brothers became the boy band and eventually broke up/took a break, which they addressed in their 2019 Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness. Experiencing the ups and downs of being in a band will surely be something Jonas will use to his advantage as a coach. 

Then there’s his songwriting abilities. He, along with Joe and Kevin, were guests on Levine’s own NBC show, Songland, earlier this year. Learn why Levine calls the show “authentic” here.

They helped up-and-coming songwriters improve their songs with the goal of writing a hit song. Jonas showed off his songwriting talents and how he can give constructive criticism and advice to contestants, an ability that will serve him well on The Voice.

Clearly, Jonas is a good fit for The Voice. Not to mention he’s already got the teasing with Shelton down.