Nick Wolfhard Wrote His Own Song for ‘The Last Kids on Earth’

Netflix has turned Max Brallier’s books The Last Kids on Earth books into an animated series. Nick Wolfhard provides the voice of Jack, a kid surviving the apocalypse by himself I Am Legend style until he finds his other friends alive too. They band together to fight the monsters plaguing the world and maybe, one day find their parents. 

Nick Wolfhard at red carpet event
Nick Wolfhard | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Wolfhard spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about his role on The Last Kids on Earth, how he adapts his voice and even sings when called upon. The Last Kids on Earth is now streaming on Netflix.

Listen for Nick Wolfhard on the ‘Last Kids on Earth’ soundtrack

When Jack discovers that his schoolboy crush June del Toro is still alive, he bursts into song. There was no melody provided and only the lyrics “June del Toro is alive” so Wolfhard got to riff.

“What’s funny about that scene is we, I want to say, recorded that song multiple times over the course of an entire year,” Wolfhard said. “Netflix kept coming back to us and saying, ‘Can we make it a little longer? Can we make it a little shorter? Can it be a slightly different melody?’ We eventually found one which you hear in the final special that I think works really well.”

The Last Kids on Earth
The Last Kids on Earth | Netflix

Once they agreed upon the song, Wolfhard then got to see Jack’s mad dance moves to accompany his vocalization.

“The animators, I don’t know how they do that,” Wolfhard said. “It’s like acting. The animators are so talented in that regard. I just kind of sang something totally random and they were able to come up with that amazing dream sequence. They’re so creative.”

Jack sounds like Nick Wolfhard, but with a twist

Wolfhard is still a teenager, although his voice is deeper. Luckily, he can still sound like a kid without changing too much.

“Jack is basically my normal voice but he’s kind of a little pitched up,” Wolfhard said. “I tend to go out for a lot of auditions where they just want me to play the young hero-esque dude. Sometimes I’ll get the weirder ones which I also really enjoy. Jack is basically my normal voice that’s pitched up a little bit.”

‘The Last Kids on Earth’ gets serious too

The Last Kids on Earth is a humorous adventure for kids filled with goofy monsters, but it is still about the end of the world. Nick Wolfhard appreciated that the show allowed those moments.

“My favorite moments are more of the dramatic, quiet moments,” Wolfhard said. “I really like it when the characters get really down to earth, get very vulnerable and share their problems with each other.”

Nick Wolfhard was up for two roles on ‘The Last Kids on Earth’

Nick Wolfhard shared the story of his audition, and it was double. He ended up playing Jack, but he was auditioning for the role of Jack’s friend Dirk too.

The Last Kids on Earth
The Last Kids on Earth | Netflix

“This was probably the longest audition process I’ve ever had. It was over the course of a few months, I want to say from February to May of 2018. During that period, I auditioned for both Jack and Dirk. I think I got a callback for both. Jack was the only one that went forward. During that time, I actually had to record some stuff for Jack while I was in Ireland, not in terms of the role but in terms of the audition. It was a long process but by the time I got it, I was asleep in my bed and I woke up. I got this e-mail and it was just completely coincidental that I woke up at the same time that I got the e-mail. I saw it. It was like, ‘You got the part. Come in this day.’ I was like yes, threw my first in the air. Awesome, so satisfying.”

Nick Wolfhard, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 8/25/19