Kyrie Irving Worked with Nike to Develop Spongebob Squarepants Sneakers and It’s Everything You Could Ever Want

Kyrie Irving apparently has more than one love. While the basketball star will be doning a Nets jersey next year, he’ll likely be spending the off-season hanging out with the citizens of Bikini Bottom. That’s right, Iriving is apparently a massive fan of Spongebob Squarepants, and his latest collaboration with Nike is set to celebrate the obsession. The sneaker giant is planning an entire line of Kyrie sneakers that are inspired by the denizens of Bikini Bottom, and no character has been left out of the mix.

Why did Kyrie Irving develop the Spongebob kicks?

Irving sat down with GQ to discuss his latest collaboration with the sneaker giant. When prompted about his desire to see Spongebob come to life, the hoopster noted that he has always been a massive fan of the cartoon. He told reporters that he was in front of the television when the first episode of the show aired in May 1999. Irving was just seven years old at the time.

While initially marketed as a children’s cartoon, SpongeBob developed a cult-like following. The mystical underwater world crafted a magical but still logical environment for plenty of hijinx. Fans were fixated on Spongebob and his cohorts solving problems and merely existing. Now, 20 years since the first episode aired, Irving has decided to bring the underwater world onto solid ground with a collection of sneakers. 

When do the sneakers officially hit the market?

While news of the release is relatively fresh, Irving did unveil the sneakers on WNBA players in recent days. Five distinct sneakers are expected to drop throughout August. Each pair will feature colorways that evoke the most iconic characters from the show.

The Spongebob version, a bright yellow sneaker, will release on August 10TH. A pink and green colorway is expected to release on the same day, although a surprise drop just happened, too. The pink and green sneakers are the Patrick Star version of the kicks.

Sandy will be represented with a space-inspired colorway. Mr. Krabs and Squidward will be represented too. According to Sole Collector, the Squidward colorway will offer a green upper with a purple sole. The Mr. Krabs’ option will feature a shiny, bright red upper.

While Patrick Star and Spongebob are expected to flood the market on August 10th, the other three sneakers in the pack have not received a release date just yet. It’s possible Nike will take a staggered release approach to the pack. They made the same move with their recent Nike x Stranger Things collaboration. The sneakers, all inspired by 1980s styling, sold out quickly.

Television-inspired collaborations are not new

Nike has been collaborating with television shows for decades, but they’ve seemingly ramped up their efforts in recent years. Last month, the sneaker giant released a collaboration with Stranger Things. The Netflix original series has quickly risen in popularity, and the six sneakers included in the pack flew off the shelves.

Nike isn’t the only brand that’s jumping in the game, though. Vans released a series of Harry Potter-themed sneakers back in June. The collection included several sneaker styles, as well as hoodies and backpacks.